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Join The Fun: NFT ONTOvaganza

To celebrate the arrival of 2022 ONTO is hosting our very own NFT ONTOvaganza. This event rewards NFT holders of previous ONTO events with more NFTs.

It is safe to say that 2021 was the year of the NFTs and what better way to start the new year than with a bunch load of more NFTs. We love our community, and to reciprocate the support received last year, we have decided to create this event and reward our dedicated NFT holders for their loyalty.

This event is based around NFTs which were released during previous campaigns run by ONTO and its partners. The event NFT participants will enter into a chance of getting our even more elusive NFTs with dedicated rewards.

Please note a singular NFT would be enough to trigger the points, holders do not need to have multiple NFTs of the same type. We have opened a time window for you to collect these NFTs and increase your points.

Once the points have been determined then the participants would be able to claim one of the three NFTs for this event: Rare, Mythical or Infinium. Each NFT comes with a different ONG airdrop quota and rights. Top winners can get up to 1,000 ONG from this event.

Read more and learn how to claim your very own NFTs and receive benefits!

The Schedule

🌟Earn More Points: 13:00, Dec 31st, 2021–13:00 Jan 4th, 2022 (UTC)

Users will be able to see their current points and have the opportunity to increase their points by collecting more NFTs. The Snapshot will be taken between 13:00, 4th Jan to 13:00 6th Jan (UTC). Please note all purchases made after 13:00 on 4th Jan will be deemed invalid.

🌟Find Out Which is Your Special NFT: 13:00, Jan 6th, 2022 (UTC)

ONTO will provide the final whitelist which will indicate the points earned as well as inform users what level of NFT they can claim.

If you have any questions about the whitelist, you can contact our admin directly in ONTO Wallet’s Telegram group.

🌟Claim Your NFT: 08:00, Jan 7th, 2022–13.00, Jan 15th (UTC)

Users need to claim their respective NFTs in ONTO Wallet before Jan 15th, 2022 (UTC). Only NFTs that are claimed can enjoy the airdrop and other benefits. Make sure you claim it while it’s available!

Claiming NFT is totally free, no gas fee is required.

🌟Rewards Distribution: 13:00, Jan 16th, 2022–13.00, Jan 20th (UTC)

All ONG rewards will be distributed before Jan 20th, 2022. ONTO will provide a Google form to let users know who have Mythical and Infinium NFTs fill their Telegram usernames.

The same usernames will be used for inviting you to the ONTO loyal group, created after Jan 20th, 2022.

(Note: The rights and properties attached to the NFT will come into effect immediately after the rewards distribution)

Calculate Your NFT Points

Please note only the below NFTs will be eligible to claim points and rewards. (The ONTO team has only selected NFTs which have either been designed by us or have been created by ONTO and our partners).

ONTO will calculate the points based on the type of NFT held. The more types, the higher the points. However, points accumulated by each NFT can only be used once. Even if you have multiple identical NFTs the points are only calculated once.

To check the original medium links for each NFT, please click the link here.

NFT Types

1. Rare NFT: 1–5 points


A Rare NFT + A Chance to win 1,400 ONG in a lucky draw.

The rewards will be distributed in the following order for the Rare NFT holder lucky draw:

🥇1st place: 200 ONG

🥈2nd place: 150 ONG

🥉3rd place: 50 ONG

100 users from 4th place onwards will evenly share the remaining 1,000 ONG, 10 ONG each.

2. Mythical NFT: 5.5–8.5 points


  • A Mythical NFT
  • Holding the NFT automatically makes you eligible to earn 20 ONG
  • Holding a Mythical NFT is the key to being able to join an Exclusive ONTO group for loyal users where ONTO shares first-hand updates on developments. Users also get first priority service from the team.
  • Mythical NFT holders will be able to earn a 5 ONG extra bonus on top of the event rewards (maximum 5 times) — Valid from Jan 16th, 2022 to Jan 16th, 2023
  • Mythical NFT holders who have participated in 10 events will automatically receive an Infinium NFT and be eligible for all the benefits of Infinium NFT holders.

3. Infinium NFT: 9 and above


  • An Infinium NFT
  • Holding the NFT automatically makes you eligible to earn 50 ONG
  • The Infinium NFT holder will be able to join an exclusive ONTO group for loyal users and get development and event updates from ONTO in advance also like the Mythical NFT, Infinium NFT holders will enjoy a first priority service from the team.
  • One-Year Unlimited Extra Event Bonus (Successfully join in-app* events hosted by ONTO and earn a 20% extra bonus above the event rewards, maximum 10 ONG each time) — Valid from Jan 16th, 2022 to Jan 16th, 2023.

Infinium NFT holders who participate in all of the forthcoming ONTO events in the following year can potentially earn an extra 1,000 ONG on top of their usual rewards.

Check Your Points Here 👉 List of current ONTO/Ontology NFT holders’ scores

If you do not have any points or want to earn some more points, make sure you continue reading!👇

Earn More Points

Here is a list of the links where you can find the current NFTs included in the NFT ONTOvaganza. Users still have an opportunity to increase their NFT holdings to secure the most rewarding NFTs, i.e Mythical and Infinium.

Please note that one type of NFT can only claim points once, make sure you collect the 13 listed NFTs one each to get the most points.

1)ONTO & BabySwap NFT:


2)ONTO & Babylons NFT:


3)ONTO & Billion Happiness NFT:


4)ONTO & Twinci NFT lottery NFT:


5)ONTO & Project Galaxy NFT:

Hope you had a fantastic 2021 and wish you a very happy new year 2022.


  • Only events held within ONTO Wallet are eligible for an extra 20% bonus.
  • You can add ONTO or Ontology NFTs we mentioned before on your ONTO Collectible page easily. Follow the tutorial here and add it now. Note that BEP-1155 NFTs cannot be displayed in ONTO yet.
  • The ONTO team will reserve the final rights of interpretation to the above event.

For further details, questions or comments, follow us on Twitter, join our Telegram or contact us.




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