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Learn to Earn with ONTO

There are so many ways to earn with ONTO — find the right one for you!

The world of cryptocurrency can be a confusing place.

DeFi, dApps, LP tokens, mining, staking, GameFi…there is no shortage of terms to be confused by.

This article aims to simplify things and help you start making your crypto work for you.

The following sections cover;


Liquidity mining events are one way to start making your crypto work for you. By providing liquidity in a liquidity pool, you can earn rewards in a variety of different tokens.

With ONTO supporting 14 blockchains, users can access many of the most popular DeFi platforms including Wing Finance, ApeSwap, BabySwap, CafeSwap, Beefy Finance, ACryptoS, Wault Finance, and KSwap.

You can find all of these DeFi platforms via ONTO’s Discover tab. It’s the easiest way to access your favorite dApps and also helps you keep up-to-date with our latest mining campaigns.

ONTO has hosted several mining campaigns offering rewards for participating via ONTO Wallet. Thousands of dollars in token rewards have already been distributed!

AMAs & Social Media Campaigns

ONTO AMAs (Ask Me Anything) are not only a great way to learn more about our partners, they are also another great way to earn rewards.

Through participating in our frequent AMAs, you get to understand more about a specific project, have the opportunity to connect with fellow blockchain enthusiasts and can receive token rewards for submitting questions on Twitter and Telegram.

ONTO also hosts social media campaigns with our partners. By following ONTO on Twitter and joining our Telegram group, you can keep track of project updates and new events.


Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are not only great collectors items but are another way to earn with ONTO.

NFTs can help you earn rewards on a variety of platforms. ONTO recently hosted an event with GameDAO where 1,000 Blind Boxes were given away; each Blind Box included an NFT card which participants could use to earn GDT tokens on GameDAO. ONTO also held an NFT giveaway with dFuture. Participants could use their NFTs to earn higher yields on the dFuture platform.

ONTO has hosted several other NFT events with Twinci, Project Galaxy and Billion Happiness to celebrate Ontology’s 3rd year anniversary.

Tip: Right now, you can access Wing Finance, Ontology’s credit-based, cross-chain DeFi platform, via ONTO to participate in Wing’s ongoing NFT campaign with PolkaPets to earn pWING rewards.


Perhaps you have stumbled across an interesting event that you would like to get involved in. But you’re confused about how to get started.

No problem! ONTO tutorials guide you every step of the way so you can begin earning as soon as possible.

You can find tutorials for our numerous DeFi campaigns and giveaways in the ONTO “News” tab. As you might expect, this tab also features recent news related to the crypto industry. It’s a great way to keep up-to-date with all things blockchain. You can find all necessary tutorials via ONTO Docs (“Profile” page -> “Help Center” in ONTO)

ONTO Anydrop

So you’ve found a fun campaign to participate in, read the relevant tutorial, and finally won some rewards.

But what’s the best way to receive them?

ONTO Anydrop of course!

ONTO Anydrop is a decentralized airdrop distribution tool. Airdrop Organizers can send assets to up to 100 addresses in one transaction. With fast speeds and cheap gas fees, participants can receive airdrops effortlessly. ONTO Anydrop supports Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, and OKExChain. It is also now listed on Polygon’s Dev Tooling!

ONTO Anydrop is a decentralized digital asset distribution tool designed to boost transaction efficiency on the blockchain. With ONTO Anydrop, instead of processing individual transactions to send airdrops to each user, the airdrop distributor can transfer assets to up to one hundred addresses in a single transaction. This makes distributing airdrops fast, convenient and cheap, since the gas fees required to perform airdrops are vastly reduced.

ONTO Anydrop also allows projects to freely upload and customize their airdrop activities whilst allowing users to quickly check the status of pending or received airdrops. Anydrop currently supports digital asset transfers via Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon and OKExChain, and plans to support more chains in the future.


You’re now equipped with several ways to earn with ONTO.

How will you choose to earn? Participate in our next DeFi campaign with a new or established dApp? Hop onto Telegram to ask questions in one of our AMAs? Get some NFTs and boost your mining efficiency? The opportunities are endless!

Download ONTO now to get started!

For further details, questions or comments, follow us on Twitter, join our Telegram or contact us.



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