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Migrate Your NEO/GAS With ONTO and Earn Rewards!

A guide to migrating your NEO and GAS from Neo Legacy to the Neo N3 MainNet with ONTO.

ONTO is proud to be one of the earliest wallets to support Neo’s migration from Neo Legacy to N3, Neo’s latest MainNet. With ONTO’s latest version, you can easily migrate your NEO and GAS holdings to N3 — and receive rewards for doing so!

Below is a breakdown of the rewards you can receive for migrating assets to N3. Rewards are based on how early you migrate and the amount of assets you choose to migrate.

1% bonus: 10.00 Sept 1st — 9.59, Sept 15th UTC (1 NEO bonus per 100 migrated NEO)

0.75% bonus: 10.00, Sept 15th—9.59, Oct 1st UTC (1 NEO bonus per 134 migrated NEO)

0.5% bonus: 10.00 Oct 1st — 10.00, Oct 31st UTC (1 NEO bonus per 200 migrated NEO)

Bonuses will be distributed manually within three days of completing your migration.

Note: As NEO is indivisible, the minimum token bonus you can receive is 1 NEO. This means you will need to migrate NEO in the above quantities to receive bonuses.

Migrating ≥10 NEO or ≥20 GAS is completely free — your transaction fees will be covered by the Neo Foundation.

So how do you go about migrating your NEO and GAS to take advantage of these rewards? The following guide makes it easy. Simply follow the steps to migrate your assets using ONTO Wallet.

Let’s get started.

Neo N3 Migration Guide

Prepare Neo Legacy Wallet and Neo N3 Wallet

If you are a new ONTO user, download ONTO, create ONT ID wallet, and select Neo Legacy wallet & Neo N3 wallet on “Add Wallet” page.

If you already have ONTO App, please update it to the latest version. Remember to save and back up your private keys before the update! Then follow the steps below to add Neo Legacy wallet & Neo N3 wallet.

  • Tap on the wallet name in the top left corner of “Assets” page or tap on “Manage wallets” on “Profile” page to open “Manage wallet” page.
  • On the “Manage wallets” page, tap on the “···” button on the right of the wallet name.
  • Tap on “Add Wallet”.
  • Check pictures of Neo wallets and tap on the “Confirm” button to add.

Prepare NEO or GAS in Neo Legacy Wallet

Transfer NEO or GAS to your ONT ID wallet or import other Neo wallet with NEO or GAS to ONTO App.

Migrate NEO and GAS from Neo Legacy to Neo N3

You can use ONTO App to migrate NEO and GAS from Neo Legacy wallet to Neo N3 wallet (NEO is taken as an example here).

  • Tap on NEO on the “Assets” page of the wallet you would like to migrate NEO from.
  • Tap on “Migration” in the bottom left corner to open the “Migration” page.
  • Tap on the icon on the right of the “Migration” page.
  • Choose the Neo N3 address you would like to migrate NEO to.
  • Enter the amount of NEO you would like to migrate and tap the “Next” button.

About Fees: If the asset to migrate is greater than or equal to 10 NEO/20 GAS, no fee is charged. Otherwise you need to pay 1 GAS as fee.

  • Confirm the transaction
  • After the transaction is verified, the asset will be sent to your Neo N3 address within one working day.

For further details, questions or comments, follow us on Twitter, join our Telegram or contact us.



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The ONTO Team

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