ONTO and Metis Team Up For a $1,000 Hold2Earn Campaign!

Hold on the Metis Chain in ONTO Wallet to win ONTO Pass Cards and share a $1,000 prize pool!

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4 min readFeb 8


We are super excited to announce our partnership with Metis, a blockchain aiming to power the Web3 Economy through trustless and decentralized collaboration.

To celebrate this partnership, we are teaming up with Metis for a Hold2Earn Campaign, with a total prize pool of $1,000 USDC.

Hold 0.8 METIS tokens before February 10th (10:00 am UTC) to WIN limited ONTO Pass Card — Metis NFTs!

Simply hold at least 0.8 $METIS before 10:00 am UTC on February 10th in ONTO Wallet and keep it for 7 days (until 10:00 am UTC on February 17th) to share $1,000 USDC! Don’t miss out!

To be eligible for the big prize, please follow the rules below.

Event Period: February 8th, 10:00 — February 17th, 10:00 (UTC)


  1. Install ONTO Wallet and create an ONTO Multi-chain Wallet;
  2. Add Metis Chain wallet in ONTO Wallet;
  3. Deposit at least 0.8 $METIS tokens before Feb 10th at 10:00 am UTC and hold it until Feb 17th at 10:00 am UTC in ONTO Wallet;
  4. Complete all tasks on Quest3

Rewards: 50 Pass Card NFTs for the TOP 50 holders

To sweeten the deal and reward top holders, we will distribute ONTO Pass Card — Metis to the top 50 stakers. The final ranking of the prize is entirely based on the holding volume during the event.

The Pass Card NFT holders can participate in the lucky draw in ONTO Wallet within a specified period, and share a $1,000 USDC prize pool. The Pass Card holders will have 5 chances to win a prize of up to $250.

Interested in participating in our ONTO & Metis Hold2Earn Campaign? Then you’re at the right place! Here’s a step-by-step guide to walk you through how to join!

Before joining, you will need to download the ONTO App. Click on the link below👉onto.app. You can skip this step if you’ve already downloaded it.

Now, are you ready to participate? You need to create a Metis Wallet in ONTO first.

  • Tap on the wallet name in the top left corner of the “Assets” page, to open the “Manage wallets” page
  • On the “Manage wallets” page, tap on the right of the wallet name to open the “Details” page
  • On the “Details” page, tap on “Add New Wallet” to add Metis Network
  • Choose Metis Chain, then click on “Confirm”
  • Enter your wallet password and confirm the password
  • Return to the “Assets” page to check the $METIS token
  • Click on “Receive” or “Send” to trade $METIS


About Metis

Metis is a “DAO-as-a-Service” platform built on a layer 2 blockchain framework which allows users to interact in a peer-to-peer manner to create their own DAOs/communities/associations in a composable manner based on persistent Metis Individual identities and reputations, allowing
DAO members to build up connections, and trust and facilitate collaborations.

About ONTO Wallet

ONTO is a DID-based gateway for a seamless Web3 experience. The best all-in-one option for securely managing your identities, data, and digital assets, ONTO allows you to manage your crypto assets (including NFTs), perform cross-chain swaps, readily access a variety of dApps, and learn everything important in real time via ONTO news feed.

With ONTO Wallet, users can create an ONT ID, a decentralized digital identity that enables one-click multi-chain wallet address creation and management and fully protects their private data through an encryption algorithm. Users worldwide can download ONTO Wallet now via onto.app or their mobile app store. Desktop users can also install ONTO Web Wallet for web browsers.

For further details, questions, or comments, follow us on Twitter, join our Telegram or contact us.