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ONTO August 2022 Monthly Report

A recap of ONTO’s highlights and updates in August!

Time for ONTO’s monthly update in August!

In the month of August, we had a few exciting updates within our app and hosted a series of exciting events. Here’s a quick look.

The latest ONTO added a native NFT Aggregator section, making in-app NFT purchase incredibly easy. The new version also added support for Aurora Chain and BitTorrent Chain and integrated Go+ Security for detecting and flagging smart contract and token risks.

In August, we hosted a number of exciting events. Let’s take a quick look.

This month, we co-hosted 9 in-app events with a number of popular projects out there, such as Vision Chain, Aboard, OpenOcean, Wing Finance, and Ivy Market.

August also saw a total of 2 social media campaigns on our Twitter in partnership with Chill and HALO Network. 5 AMAs were held in our Telegram community with partners like PolygonDAO, Chess of Stars, and MetaBeat.

Together, these events brought a lot of attention and excitement to ONTO Wallet and helped add thousands of new members to our community.

We are proud of what we’ve achieved over the past month and are excited to share them with you.

Here is a detailed recap of ONTO’s highlights and updates in August.

Thank you all for the incredible support along the way! Stay tuned for more exciting partnerships, events, and developments in September!

About ONTO Wallet

ONTO is a DID-based gateway for a seamless Web3 experience. The best all-in-one option for securely managing your identities, data, and digital assets, ONTO allows you to manage your crypto assets (including NFTs), perform cross-chain swaps, readily access a variety of dApps, and learn everything important in real time via ONTO news feed.

With ONTO Wallet, users can create an ONT ID, a decentralized digital identity that enables one-click multi-chain wallet address creation and management and fully protects their private data through an encryption algorithm. Users worldwide can download ONTO Wallet now via onto.app or their mobile app store. Desktop users can also install ONTO Web Wallet for web browsers.

For further details, questions, or comments, follow us on Twitter, join our Telegram or contact us.



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The ONTO Team

The ONTO Team

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