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ONTO Goes Interstellar with HyperJump: Earn ONT & ALLOY Worth $190,000 in Our Latest Liquidity Mining Adventure!

ONTO is partnering with HyperJump, a DeFi protocol on Binance Smart Chain and Fantom, to host a liquidity and mining event!

Earn ALLOY — ALLOY-ONT & ONT-BNB Liquidity Pools

HyperJump has set up two separate LP pairs: ALLOY-ONT and ONT-BNB. Users can supply any amount of liquidity in either pool to start earning ALLOY rewards.

  • Day 3–4: Earn 3X the regular ALLOY reward
  • Day 5 onwards: Earn the regular ALLOY reward

Stake MECH, Earn ONT & ALLOY

In addition to farming ALLOY, users also have the opportunity to earn $60,000 worth of ONT and an additional $60,000 worth of ALLOY via HyperJump’s ONT Pool.

ONG Giveaway — ONTO Bonus!

By earning ALLOY and ONT via HyperJump using your ONTO Wallet, you can claim ONG rewards.

  1. Users must use their ONT ID digital identity wallet or import ONTO multi-token wallet and cannot use a BSC single-chain wallet if they want to have a chance to receive a share of the 500 ONG airdrop.



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