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ONTO Invites You for a BREW at CafeSwap: Earn ONT and BREW Worth $130,000 in Our Latest Liquidity Mining Extravaganza!

ONTO is partnering with CafeSwap on the Binance Smart Chain to host a liquidity and staking event!

Starting May 12 at 11am (UTC), you can earn a share of approximately $100,000 worth of $BREW and $30,000 worth of $ONT.

If that wasn’t enough, you can also enjoy an ONTairdrop for using your ONTO Wallet on CafeSwap.

Earn BREW — ONT-BNB Liquidity Pool

Provide any amount of liquidity in CafeSwap’s ONT-BNB Cafe LP Pool and earn BREW rewards for staking your LP tokens.

Tip: You can enjoy a 2x multiplier for the first 48 hours of farming.

Stake BREW, Earn ONT

Once you’ve got your BREW, stake it to earn ONT rewards!

Stake your BREW in CafeSwap’s ONT Pool and get a share of $30,000 worth of ONT, over three months.

Earn Even More ONT — ONTO Special!

By earning BREW and ONT via CafeSwap using your ONTO wallet, you can claim even more ONT rewards.

The first 500 users to participate in either the ONT-BNB liquidity pool or BREW staking in the first 7 days will be rewarded with an equal share of 200 ONT.

If there are than 500 total participants, then the 200 ONT will be evenly split between a smaller group — which means more ONT for each winner!

Note: All ONTO users can participate but each ONT ID is counted only once.

Learn more about how to participate from the ONTO tutorial here: https://youtu.be/Oayj5mOYBz4

About CafeSwap

CafeSwap is a yield farming and staking platform on BSC Chain. We have chosen BSC because of its low tnx fees and faster speed. We have built this project to provide the best experience with farming while regulating the supply. We believe in partnerships hence we aim to bring all BSC DeFi ecosystems in one place to have a friendly ecosystem for all of us.

ONTO Wallet

ONTO is the first truly decentralized cross-chain wallet that allows users to manage their digital identities, data, and digital assets. It integrates various functions such as identity and credit, digital assets and NFTs, financial lending, cross-chain swap, news push, and various practical dApps, as well as supporting multiple mainstream public chains and their diversified digital assets.

ONTO helps users create a decentralized digital identity, which is built on the Ontology blockchain and which fully protects their privacy data through an encryption algorithm. Aiming to provide a safe and convenient one-stop service for users worldwide, ONTO Wallet is designed for mobile, with the ONTO Web Wallet also available for desktop.

Download via onto.app or search “ONTO Web” on the Chrome Web Store.

For further details, questions or comments — Reach out to us on Twitter, join our Telegram or contact us.



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