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ONTO & NFTmall Team Up For a $2,000 NFT Lottery!

We are excited to host an NFT lottery event with NFTmall, the first creator-centric, DeFi-powered, physically-redeemable NFT marketplace!

Buy One NFT and Get the Chance to Win a $100 Bonus

Buy one Cyberpunk ONTO 2022 NFT via ONTO Wallet, and you’ll have the chance to share a prize pool up to $2,000: 1,000 USDT and $1,000 in $GEM!

A total of 20 winners will be selected randomly and get up to $100 (50 USDT and $50 GEM) each!

Event Starts At: January 13th 9:00 UTC

To be eligible for the big prize, please follow the rules below.


  1. To participate, download ONTO Wallet and create an ONT ID wallet.
  2. Then, find NFTmall dApp on the Discover page in ONTO, tap it and enter the ONTO Cyberpunk 2022 NFT collection page, choose and buy one NFT. It’s that simple!

Details of the NFT

Collection Name: ONTO x NFTmall Cyberpunk 2022

NFT Name: Cyberpunk ONTO 2022

Number of NFT on Sale: 200

Price: 5 USDT

Sale Starts At: Jan. 13th 9:00 UTC


1. REMEMBER, only ONTO Wallet users are eligible for the bonus distribution. Download ONTO now.

2. All ONTO users can participate, but each ONT address is counted only once.

3. The ONTO Team and NFTmall Team reserve the right to make the final decision on the outcome of the event.

Have fun and good luck :)

About NFTmall

NFTmall is the world’s first creator-centric, DeFi-powered, multichain-operational, physically-redeemable NFT marketplace.

With a vision to create a level playing field that fills the gap between traditional and niche digital item artists, NFTmall’s solution, a universal platform, is the common ground for potential talent all around the world to showcase their work to the world in a very cost-effective and authentic manner and get treated fairly. The platform also bridges the gap between digitized and real-world while allowing real-world use cases for NFTs, by introducing revolutionary features like physically redeemable NFT.

About ONTO Wallet

ONTO is the first truly decentralized, cross-chain wallet, allowing users to securely manage their identities, data, and digital assets. ONTO users can manage their crypto assets (including NFTs), perform cross-chain swaps, keep up-to-date with the latest industry latest developments and events via the ONTO news feed, and enjoy access to a variety of dApps.

With ONTO Wallet, users can create an ONT ID, a decentralized digital identity that fully protects their private data through an encryption algorithm and enables one-click multi-chain wallet address creation and management. Users worldwide can download ONTO Wallet now via onto.app or their mobile app store. Desktop users can also install ONTO Web Wallet for Google Chrome.

For further details, questions, or comments, follow us on Twitter, join our Telegram or contact us.




A self-sovereign data wallet that manages your own digital identities, data, and assets

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The ONTO Team

The ONTO Team

Self-sovereign data wallet Contact us: contact@onto.app Download ONTO: https://onto.app

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