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ONTO x LuckTogether Giveaway!

Feeling lucky? Then get part of the $240 in LUCK!

To Start:

  1. Follow @LuckTogether & @ONTOWallet
  2. Join https://t.me/lucktogether & https://t.me/ONTOWallet
  3. RT, @3 friends, and leave your HECO address in comment.
  4. 30 Winners will then be picked to share $240 of $LUCK!

About LuckTogether

The first no loss lucky draw mining protocol on Heco chain. Users only need to deposit the corresponding token in any prize pool to have a chance to win a big prize and at the same time obtain mining revenue. LuckTogether is based on a safe, non-destructive, and fair design concept to ensure that every participant can gain returns. The most importantly, user’s principal will have no loss!

ONTO Wallet

A self-sovereign data wallet that manages your own digital identities, data, and assets.



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