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ONTO x SupremeX Giveaway: $500 SXC Up For Grabs!

We’re hosting a special event with SupremeX, a decentralized crypto lending market on OKExChain and Polygon.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Follow SupremeX, ONTO Wallet, and OntologyNetwork on Twitter.
  2. Like, Comment, and Retweet the event tweet.
  3. Join ONTO Wallet and SupremeX’s Telegram groups.
  4. Get an ONT ID: onto.app.
  5. Fill in the Google form.

About SupremeX

SupremeX is a decentralized crypto lending market on OKExChain, Polygon, and Arbitrum. Based on decentralized financial ecosystems through smart contracts, SupremX enables transparency, verifiability, the largest TVL, and the fundamental DeFi use cases.

About ONTO Wallet

ONTO is the first truly decentralized, cross-chain wallet, allowing users to securely manage their identities, data, and digital assets. ONTO users can manage their crypto assets (including NFTs), perform cross-chain swaps, keep up-to-date with the latest industry latest developments and events via the ONTO news feed, and enjoy access to a variety of dApps.



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