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Refer ONTO To Your Friend And Earn Rewards!

This is a Guide for the ONTO New Year Referral Campaign.

Important Notes:

  1. The same device/email address/mobile phone number as the invitee can only be used once.
  2. Users who have registered with the invitation code before this event cannot receive rewards but you can still invite other users to participate.
  3. If the invitee does not complete the task within 30 days after registration, neither the inviter and the invitee will receive the rewards.

The ONTO team reserves the right of final interpretation of the event.

February 4 — February 18 (UTC)

1. Guide For If You Were Invited:

Step 1: Install ONTO, Create a ONT ID and Bind phone number/email

You must input the “Referral Code” from the Referrer or there will be issues on rewards distribution.

Step 2: Deposit $100 assets on any blockchain and hold 3 days

Currently ONTO supports 12 blockchain assets: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ontology, Neo, Binance Smart Chain, Huobi Eco Chain, Polkadot, Tron, Klay, OKex Chain, Binance Chain and Kusama.

You can view the following asset transfer tutorial:

Sending and receiving ONT, ONG, and other OEP-4 tokens

Use ONTO Wallet for Binance Smart Chain Transfers

Step 3: Check and claim rewards.

Open ONTO, the personal avatar in the upper left corner, select and enter the “Invite Friends” page, you can view the current new user task progress and rewards already obtained.

Click “One-click Claim” to receive all rewards to the ONG wallet address.

2. Guide If You Want To Invite Your Friend

Step 1: Copy the referral code

Open ONTO, the profile picture in the upper left corner, select and enter the “Invite Friends” page, copy the Referral Code.

Step 2: Share the Invitation page

Click the share button in the upper right corner to share the invitation poster to social platforms and invite users to create ONT ID.

Step 3: Check and claim the rewards

Go back to the “Invite Friends” page to view the current invitation progress, and click “One-click Claim” to get ONG invitation rewards for new users who have completed the invitation task.

That’s all folks! Go claim your rewards now

For further details, questions or comments — Join our Telegram: http://t.me/ONTOWallet or contact us at contact@onto.app.



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The ONTO Team

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