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The First Cross-Chain Web Wallet — ONTO Web Is Coming Soon!!

As we officially move into 2021, the ONTO team has been hard at work to provide our users with the ultimate digital wallet experience. After much demand from our community, we are thrilled to announce that we will soon be launching a web-based ONTO wallet to bring additional accessibility to millions of users through their web browser. This will be the first ever web wallet to support cross-chain assets and dApps while also addressing the growing demand for decentralized identity and data through Ontology’s Decentralized Identity (DeID).

Key Features

  • Simplicity — By narrowing down the amount of clicks required to swap assets across blockchains, ONTO has made it easier and faster to swap assets in a simple interface! This removes the need to manage separate web wallets for chain specific tokens and lets users move seamlessly between chains!
  • Cross-Chain Support — The first version of the web-wallet will support Ontology, Ethereum, and Binance Smart Chain, with other chains including Tron, Polkadot, Bitcoin, Binance, Heco, and Neo to be added at a later date.
  • ONT ID — By setting up their web wallet, users can generate their ONT ID, the backbone of their decentralized identity across the entire Ontology blockchain. This decentralized identity will protect user data, as well as the cross-chain assets stored in their ONTO wallet.
  • Asset Management & Transaction Records — Imported single chain wallets will automatically add your assets and transaction records into your ONTO wallet binded to your ONT ID. This simplifies your searching when reviewing transactions, and allows all your assets to be managed from one location.

Like any product, ONTO Web will go through multiple iterations and updates to achieve its true potential. This will include integrations of more dApps, smart contracts, hardware wallets, and blockchains in future updates. Having said that, users can still explore the depth of a cross-chain empowered web wallet today, all while protected by their new ONT ID.

If you want to download the mobile app version of ONTO, you can do so here: http://onto.app



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The ONTO Team

The ONTO Team

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