Trade, Mine & Vote With ONTO x BabySwap: $65,000 in BABY & ONG Up For Grabs!

BabySwap is back with ONTO for more DeFi delights on BSC!

The ONTO Team
Nov 22 · 3 min read

BabySwap and ONTO have returned for another fun partnership. This time, we’re combining decentralized trading, mining and voting into a single event! Get involved for the chance to win a share of $60,000 in BABY rewards, plus plenty of ONG bonuses.

ONG-USDT Liquidity Pool

From November 22nd (12:00 UTC), BabySwap will set up a ONG-USDT pool over a two-month period.

Provide liquidity in the pool to start earning BABY rewards. The total rewards over two months are equal to $60,000 worth of BABY!

ONG Bonuses

In addition to the BABY rewards you can earn via the ONG-USDT pool, ONTO is also offering a bunch of ONG bonuses to participants.

The First 100 BabyStakers

Duration: Nov. 22nd (12:00 UTC) — Nov. 25th (23:59:59 UTC)

The first 100 users who stake at least $20 in BabySwap’s ONG-USDT pool via ONTO Wallet and keep it until the end of the event can each win a 10 ONG bonus.

Become the Top Baby Trader

Duration: Nov. 22nd (12:00 UTC) — Nov. 25th (23:59:59 UTC)

The user with the highest ONG-USDT trading volume via ONTO Wallet will receive 100 ONG!

If you are not Number 1, don’t worry, you can still win ONG if you rank in the Top 20.

See the below table for a full breakdown of the bonuses based on rank.

Make ONTO Number 1 on BabySwap

Duration: Nov. 26th (00:00 UTC) — Nov. 26th (23:59:59 UTC)

BabySwap has launched a new function called “Bottle”. Users can stake BABY to vote for their favorite projects and BabySwap will share its gas fee revenue with the Top 3 projects that get the most votes each week.

In addition, the BABY staked during the voting period will still generate BABY as voting rewards (learn more).

ONG will represent ONTO in BabySwap’s Bottle activity and will award voters extra ONG bonuses. In addition, if ONG succeeds in reaching the Top 3, ONTO will distribute an extra 2000 USDT to participating users (in proportion to their contribution value).

The Bottle voting period lasts for only 24 hours (Nov. 26th, 00:00 UTC — Nov. 26th, 23:59:59 UTC) so act fast and avoid missing out on a share of the bonus!

Become one of the Top 20 users who contribute the most votes for ONG by staking BABY on BabySwap via ONTO Wallet to earn the following bonuses:

ONTO will aggregate the total value of users’ assets including ONG-USDT liquidity, ONG-USDT trading volume and BABY voting, then distribute 2000 USDT to all users who help ONTO win the Bottle event.

The more staking/trading/voting, the more rewards you can win!

If you have participated in the “Bottle” section by staking BABY and vote for ONG, fill in the google form for the chance of winning voting bonus. Don’t forget it as bonuses will only distributed to participants who are shown in the form list. Cannot wait to see you in the winners announcement!

Form link:


  1. Rewards will be distributed in 7 days after the campaign.
  2. ONG from ONG lottery is an OEP-4 asset; only ONT ID wallets are eligible to win ONG rewards.

Wanna give a try now? Follow our step-by-step video tutorial and start earning now!

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