1,300,000 ATLS up for grabs for ONT holders!

Earlier this week Atlas, an Ontology ecosystem project, announced its upcoming IEO on Coinsuper, in which 10% of ATLS will be open for an ONT subscription session on April 22nd.

Today, to celebrate and thank ONT holders, we are announcing a 1,300,000 ATLS airdrop for all ONT holders (no minimum or maximum hold amount)!

About Atlas

Atlas Protocol is a decentralized, tokenized travel platform that distributes the economic benefits out of the hands of mega corporations and gives it back into to consumers, content creators, and suppliers.

The platform will fairly compensate content creators, and remove the commission burden and inefficiency that is plaguing the current travel ecosystem. This allows travel businesses to retain profits they can re-invest in products, services, and innovations. An open and transparent platform is empowering all stakeholders in the industry.

Atlas is established by the founding team behind Zanadu, a luxury travel platform backed by Tencent, Matrix, and Prometheus capital with over two million active users. Atlas’s private round leading investors include OGC, NGC, and Ledger Capital, and has partnered with South Korea’s giant internet company Kakao’s blockchain subsidiary GroundX. Atlas will leverage all of Zanadu’s existing user base, as well as its partnerships with 20+ major hospitality service providers including Peninsula Hotels, Shangri-La, Cathay Pacific, Singapore Airlines, and Finnair. The firm also has strategic partnerships targeting retail clientele with WeChat, Jinri Toutiao, iQiyi, Youku, Netease, and Weibo.

Airdrop guide

For this airdrop, you will need to submit an ERC-20 address before the deadline and you will receive an ATLS amount in proportion to the amount of ONT you hold in your wallet, including any staked ONT (you do not need to cancel your stake for it to be included). Your ONT amount will be recorded at the snapshot time.

Submissions open: 10:00 April 17th — 10:00 April 23rd (UTC) (submissions before and after will not be accepted)

ONT snapshot time: 04:00 April 24th (UTC)

How to submit?

You can submit your ONT and ERC-20 addresses in the “Get ATLS airdrop” dApp in:

Each time you submit an ERC-20 address there will be a 0.01 ONG transaction fee. Please make sure you provide a correct and non-exchange ERC-20 address, otherwise, you will not be able to receive your rewards.

You just need to submit one ERC-20 address for each ONT address. However, if you submit a second ERC-20 address for the same ONT address, the last ERC-20 address submitted will be used.

You will receive ATLS according to: (the ONT amount in the address you submitted below) ÷ (the total ONT amount of all submissions) x the total ATLS amount

ATLS distribution time: After June 15th, you can check your ERC-20 address to check whether the distribution has occurred yet.

Cyano walkthrough

1. Open https://airdrop.ont.io/ in Chrome with your ONT wallet imported into Cyano. Your ONT address will automatically fill in. If it does not, please double check you have your ONT wallet imported.

2. Paste your ETH address and click “Submit”. Next, you will have to pay 0.01 ONG for the transaction fee. Confirm on Cyano, the default 500 for Gas price and 20,000 for Gas limit means the smallest amount (0.01 ONG) for the transaction fee.

3. You’re done! You will receive a “Submitted successfully” notice. You can click “Search” to see the ETH address you have submitted for your ONT address.

Airdrop example

1. Alice submits ERC-20 address A at 10:00 on April 17th (UTC). At that time she has 5,000 ONT in her address and is staking an additional 1,000 ONT.

2. Alice decides to change her ERC-20 address and submits ERC-20 address B at 05:00 on April 18th (UTC), at that time she has 5,500 ONT in her address and is staking an additional 1,000 ONT.

3. When the snapshot occurs at 04:00 on April 24th (UTC), Alice has 6,000 ONT in her address and is staking an additional 1,500 ONT.

4. The total ONT amount in Alice’s address at the snapshot is N. Alice will receive (6,000 + 1,500) ÷ (N x ATLS) to ERC-20 address B


Please ask in the Atlas Telegram group.