Global University Workshop at Seoul National University

The Ontology Team
Nov 5, 2019 · 4 min read

October 19th marked the first stop on Ontology’s Global University Workshop tour, starting in Seoul, South Korea, at Seoul National University. With 81 stops at universities around the world, from institutions in South Korea and Russia to the U.S., the tour is the biggest of its kind in the blockchain industry. We are delighted to announce that our first stop attracted over 50 of the best young developers South Korea has to offer.

What is GUW?

Hosted by Ontology in collaboration with multiple high-profile collaborations, such as Decipher, the leading blockchain university alliance in South Korea, Ontology’s Global University Workshop program is an educational tour aimed at the next generation of talent. Our aims with this program are to help educate young talent about the magic of blockchain with hopes to attract high-potential developers to the Ontology world. In doing this, we hope to help develop our infrastructure and ecosystem as we continue to propel blockchain forward. Furthermore, we feel an obligation to share our knowledge and experience with the generation that will most benefit from the potential of blockchain.

Why attend GUW?

As you may have seen in previous articles, our workshop curriculum is packed full of interesting and useful expertise that will leave attendees with more insight into the inner workings of Ontology, and blockchain itself. But that’s not all. We wanted to go above and beyond the norm, so we have created the Klein Bottle Challenge to encourage young entrepreneurial developers to collaborate with us and the Global Talent Program to invite both budding and established developers to interact with our ecosystem.

Stop 1: Seoul National University

As previously mentioned, some of Ontology’s brightest talents were in attendance at the first stop, such as Ontology’s Senior Architecture Experts, Ning HU and Edmond Cong, as well as our Marketing Director, Jesse LIU.

As promised, Ning HU delivered a rousing lecture regarding the development of the internet, stating that, while the Internet has brought great convenience to our lives, it has also been accompanied by many problems. A significant issue stems from the increasing dependence on major Internet companies to store and protect our data. Quoting Tim Berners-Lee’s vision, Ning HU described the next phase of the Internet where we see a decentralized network, much like Ontology’s vision. He went on to add that Ontology is in the process of establishing a decentralized trust network whereby users are in full control of their identity and data. With complete control, users will be able to exchange data safely and even treat their data as an asset. We call this the theory of TRUST Redefined.

The workshop also saw Edmond CONG highlight the ins and outs of building a decentralized app (dApp) on the Ontology platform using various tools, such as SmartX, Punica, and Cynao Wallet. As you can see, students showed great interest in the topic and fielded excellent questions.

At times, those in attendance couldn’t wait to begin experiment with code as they began to build their foundation block.

Due to the action-packed discussions, many students stayed behind to engage in thoughtful conversations with Edmond and Ning.

As you may have heard, all of those in attendance who successfully completed the workshop received a certificate for their efforts. Furthermore, their names and IDs will be eternally recorded on a block within our infrastructure, meaning they remain a piece of our community forever.

As the workshop moved on, Ontology’s Marketing Director, Jesse Liu, dove into the topic of the Klein Bottle Challenge and our Global Talent Program. With the full attention of all attendees, Jesse explained the various ways in which students can contribute to Ontology, from working with us as a Global Community Developer to engage our stakeholders worldwide or a Translator to our 20-language community.

It’s an exciting time for us at Ontology. The coming weeks will see our Global University Workshop tour sweep across North America as we continue to educate and engage with enthusiastic young developers around the world. If you were not able to make it for any reason, remember that we also have a comprehensive online course for you to complete here.

Look out for more updates about our latest stops here!


Ontology is a high performance, open source blockchain specializing in digital identity and data. ONTO: Telegram:

The Ontology Team

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Ontology is a high performance, open source blockchain specializing in digital identity and data. ONTO: Telegram:

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