Introducing Punica Suite — Ontology’s dApp Development Framework

The Ontology team is excited to announce the release of Punica Suite, an Ontology blockchain dApp development framework.

Punica provides developers with a complete set of open-source development tools for dApps, including:

  • Punica CLI
  • Solo Chain
  • Punica-Box
  • dApp Tutorial

How to utilize Punica?

Punica CLI

Command line tool

  • Supports intelligent contract compilation, deployment, invocation, and testing. Each item can be completed simply and efficiently through a single line of commands and testing through a configuration file.
  • Supports both Python and TypeScript programming languages;
  • dApp templates and Punica-Box;
  • Smart contract packaging management tools;
  • Supports wallet file management.

Solo Chain

Test node with UI

  • View block, transaction, contract, push event, log, and other information in real time in the test node software;
  • Create multiple accounts automatically for users to work with SmartX and Cyano wallet.


dApp templates and examples

  • Provides a variety of multi-language dApp examples, such as ONT ID, OEP-4, OEP-5, etc.;
  • More development aids will be available for user reference or dApp development.

Punica Tutorial

Development tutorials

  • Provides detailed textbook documentation and videos;
  • Provides rich Punica-Box case references;
  • Provides a variety of contract templates for developers to experience.

Smart contract templates:

Punica being introduce for the first time offline at our tech workshop in Seoul November 6th:

At the same time, the Ontology bounty program remains open, and even has a couple of Punica-related tasks!

Punica website:

Punica GitHub:

Happy dApp building!