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Meet Ontology at Consensus: Distributed 2020 Virtual Conference

Are you curious about Ontology’s new top-notch products in 2020?

Find your answers at the Consensus: Distributed this May and enjoy the first-ever Ontology virtual booth!

The Consensus is the annual gathering of the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, with major companies, developers, founders, and investors in the cryptocurrency and blockchain world engaging in an annual discussion about the future of the industry.

With the COVID-19 pandemic worsening throughout the world, the organizers of Consensus and Blockchain Week NYC, Coindesk has decided to take Consensus 2020 virtual instead of hosting in New York City as usual. Event organizers claim that there will be more than 150 speakers and 5,000 virtual attendees at the conference.

On top of the virtual booth, the Ontology team has prepared full informative and educational webinars on YouTube each day during the Consensus 2020. We will also be collecting questions from the community before the start of each session. Users can also ask questions live during our webinars. More details will be released.

Ontology@Consensus: Distributed

> ONT ID Day

Speakers: Ning Hu, Erick Pinos

Time: 10–11 pm, May 11 (EST)


Speakers: Erick Pinos

Time: 10–11 pm, May 12 (EST)


Speakers: Will Liu, Ning Hu

Time: 10–11 pm, May 13 (EST)

>Tech Day

Speakers: Ning Hu, Edmond Cong

Time: 10–11 pm, May 14 (EST)

>Enterprise Solution Day

Speakers: Gloria Wu, John Izaguirre

Time: 5–6 am, May 15 (EST)

The registration for this year’s Consensus is completely free, without any charge. Register and meet Ontology at our Consensus virtual booth!



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