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Meet the Ontology Harbingers for English and Trading Community

Harbinger: one that initiates a major change; a person or thing that originates or helps open up a new activity, method, or technology; pioneer (cited from online Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

With the support and help from all of our community members, we have seen a fast-growing multi-lingual community from day 1 since the project was founded.

In light of deeper global market penetration, we have appointed several Ontology Harbingers for some of our strategic markets in 2020 to build a stronger global community presence.

Today, we are happy to introduce you to three Ontology Harbingers for our Telegram English community and one for our Telegram Trading community.

English Community

1. Zaid AI-Khalili (@zaidALKH) — Zealous Zaid

Zaid discovered Ontology in December 2017 and was Ontology’s first community manager since January 2018.

Before blockchain, Zaid graduated with a Global Business Management with Honours. He has worked for several years as a Logistics Specialist for a transportation company based in Toronto, Canada.

He started exploring blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies in late 2017 which made him change his career path as he found himself in this space.

2. Aweda Ismail Lekan (@bitKong) — Helpful Hamzat

Ismail, or known as the helpful “Hamzat” has been working as an Ontology English admin since September 2018.

Hamzat has been on his quest as a crypto enthusiast for 2 years. He stumbled on Ontology and it has been an amazing journey for him so far. He was amazed at the team’s expertise and what Ontology has been building.

Outside the crypto world, he runs a procurement company specialized in engineering materials and laptops.

3. Andrei Trandafira (@andredita) — Active Andrei

Andrei joined Ontology as an admin for Romanian and trading community since March 2018.

He has an MA in Philosophy and Logics and is currently doing a Ph.D. in Political Science on the subject of how to trust blockchain can improve social and political institutions.

Trading Community

Ľuboš Vyhňár (@DuMonTiSkOoo) — Devoted DuMont

Ľuboš, also known to our community as DuMonT with a cool avatar profile photo has joined Ontology since May 2019. He created and built the Ontology Czech & Slovak community, provided localization services to help his local community to understand Ontology better. He has recently joined as an admin for our Trading community.

Throughout his life, He has been closely interacting with computers. He was into gaming since he was a child and was an active online poker player who played a hundred of hands in a short time when he was in uni. He has been working as a CAD designer since after graduation.

Besides his regular job, he focuses on cryptocurrencies. Ontology was one of his first investments in the cryptocurrencies after closely observing the market. According to Ľuboš, when he first explored the Ontology community, he was simply amazed. The level of contribution, the professionalism of admins and always a good atmosphere. Naturally, he wanted to contribute and be part of the admin team, so he started helping others in the group in his free time and built his local community.

With Ontology, he sees huge technological advantages and the potential of mass adoption. “Ontology focuses on real use case scenarios, developing partnerships, and building the ecosystem effectively even during bear market periods… I am excited and motivated, even I am not in a driver’s seat, I am in that vehicle too.”




Ontology is a high performance, open source blockchain specializing in digital identity and data. ONTO: http://onto.app/downloadpage/TW Telegram: http://t.me/OntologyNetwork

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