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This article is originally posted on the MovieBloc official Medium account and has been slightly edited.

Recently, MovieBloc, an Ontology-incubated decentralized movie and content distribution platform from South Korea, released the functions of its Beta Service. Users will not only be able to watch premium video content but also write comments and rate the content as the true co-builders in the MovieBloc participant-centric film ecosystem. In this article, MovieBloc prepared “MovieBloc Service Preview 1” to show the Beta Service at a glance.

Preview 1 includes the overview of Beta Service. Preview 2 will cover wallet function, and Preview 3 will talk about ‘Individual theater” in MovieBloc Service.

Beta Service function and Interface

Sample Image: MovieBloc Official Version

MovieBloc Beta Service includes the functions of watching movies, writing comments, and rating movies. Users will be able to watch a collection of indie and commercial films, which will be sorted out in different lists and sections. Please note that the service will open with a small number of film titles provided on a trial basis.

During the Beta Service period, users can watch the movies with the free points they received upon registration. Users can also leave comments and ratings on those movies. MovieBloc and its content provider partners will get insightful data from the users’ activities on the service.

On the other hand, the early testers will enjoy the movies for free. All the free points will be rebooted once the official service launches. MovieBloc will still have log-in information and view history so the users can keep the record from the beta version. Although it is not included in the Beta Service, Individual theater and Curator ranking will be added to the Official Service. Users can introduce and curate their favorite movies and content on their ‘individual theater’. MovieBloc will share more details about this in Service Preview 3.

During the Beta Service period, MovieBloc will focus on Back-End stability and Front-End interface. The MovieBloc team is doing its best to make the service more user-friendly. Its goal is to bring “Mass Adoption” of MBL Token, its cryptocurrency, through a real use case in the MovieBloc service, thus creating a healthy content ecosystem.

MovieBloc will launch the Beta Service on August 26th, stay tuned!

Find out more about MovieBloc here.


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A high-performance public multi-chain project + a distributed trust collaboration platform. Telegram: Reddit:

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