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Aug 13 · 3 min read

This article is originally posted on the MovieBloc official Medium account and has been slightly edited.

Recently, MovieBloc, an Ontology-incubated decentralized movie and content distribution platform from South Korea, released the functions of its Beta Service. In the previous article, we had an overview of the Beta Service. In MovieBloc Service Preview 2, more detailed information on MovieBloc’s service and the wallet function will be shared.

Preview 1 includes the overview of Beta Service. Preview 2 will cover wallet function, and Preview 3 will talk about ‘Individual theater” in MovieBloc Service.

Beta Service Wallet

Beta Service function and Interface

Above is an example (i.e. Jason Born) of Beta Service’s wallet function. Users can see their token balance, estimated revenue and total revenue here.

During the Beta Service, all applicants will be provided with free MBL tokens. This is a one-time event to enable the users to try the movies on the MovieBloc platform. The MBL tokens provided will be rebooted before the official service launch.

For the official service launch, users can be rewarded by contributing their expertise such as writing subtitles, reviewing movies, and reporting illegal content. For the official service, MBL token and Paxos coin will be used.

In order to watch premium content, users will need to pay using MBL tokens or credit cards. The revenue generated by the premium content will be distributed in PAX. (same for the advertising revenue generated by the free content; it will be paid with PAXOS coin.) Rewards earned from the participant’s contribution on the MovieBloc platform will be credited to them on a daily basis. However, payments will be sent out at the end of 14 days after dealing with several aspects of these activities such as the settlement of payments with credit cards, advertisement revenue, cancellation fee, copyright violation, etc.

Activities such as writing movie reviews and reporting illegal content will be rewarded with MBL tokens. When users fulfil certain requirements, they will be rewarded right away. More detailed instructions will be released regarding this before the service’s official launch.

MovieBloc team will test the functionality and quality of the service in a global setting. Thus, the team needs help from beta testers as this is the best way to get real feedback from real users, which will certainly help improve service delivery and ensure valuable user experience.

MovieBloc will launch the Beta Service on August 26th, stay tuned!

Find out more about MovieBloc here.


A high-performance public multi-chain project + a distributed trust collaboration platform. Telegram: Reddit:

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A high-performance public multi-chain project + a distributed trust collaboration platform. Telegram: Reddit:

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