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New Ontology GCC Nodes Onboard: CryptoMondays Madrid and CryptoDiffer

Today, we’re delighted to announce that CryptoMondays Madrid (node name CMmadrid) and CryptoDiffer have joined the Ontology Global Community Contributor (GCC) network, geared towards accelerating the process of applying blockchain technology to tangible business use-cases.

CryptoMondays Madrid and CryptoDiffer become the second and third Ontology GCC nodes respectively, following the recent addition of Venezuela Blockchain — an organization committed to leveraging emerging technologies as tools for socio-economic development in Latin America. The Ontology Foundation will provide an allocation of ONT tokens to both CryptoMondays Madrid and CryptoDiffer to start their respective nodes through the GCC program while allocating additional performance-based bonuses.

CryptoMondays is a global initiative established to provide a platform for crypto and blockchain advocates to share insights and build community engagement across its network of over 45 contributing city chapters. Boasting more than 350 members and a rich history of community events, CryptoMondays Madrid is a central pillar of the network and a key fixture of the city’s burgeoning blockchain ecosystem. CryptoMondays Madrid will provide comprehensive business development support, generating business leads in key European and Latin American markets, while also issuing research papers on Ontology’s prowess in areas pertaining to Decentralized Identifier (DID), crypto metrics, and data protection.

CryptoDiffer is an altcoin-focused community-based media platform, providing its global audience with up-to-date altcoin news and research. The platform’s concise infographics are popular among thousands of altcoin investors for valuable insights about the state of the industry and promising startups. CryptoDiffer will play an instrumental role in helping Ontology expand its community and ecosystem development in Russia and the wider CIS region by onboarding their community members into the Ontology ecosystem through collaborating with local stakers, testing out Ontology’s products and services, and engaging with local projects and thought leaders. Ontology will also leverage CryptoDiffer’s relationship with the Russian-speaking Telegram crypto media and community platform ‘Gagarin Crypto’. Launched in early 2018, Gagarin Crypto provides useful information and research about promising blockchain projects and organizations to help its community make informed investment decisions and become more educated about the space.

Speaking about the announcement, Ontology Co-founder Andy Ji said, “We are very excited to announce the addition of two new stellar GCC nodes to our network, having officially onboarded Venezuela Blockchain last month. We recognize the profound value of the work being carried out by both the CryptoMondays Madrid and the CryptoDiffer teams in terms of fostering a real spirit of collaboration within their respective blockchain communities, and look forward to leveraging their exceptional business development and research acumen in the coming months.”

If you have any questions or feedback, please contact us via contact@ont.io. If you’re interested in applying to become an Ontology GCC, please email gcc@ont.io with a short description of your platform’s service offering and GCC aspirations.

About CryptoMondays Madrid

Lydians Capital Spain consists of a team of technology and finance entrepreneurs investing in the technologies that will shape the future. We strongly believe that digital assets and the internet of value represent a very significant opportunity for wealth creation. Accordingly, we thoroughly analyze each project, market, and team to determine the best way to collaborate. We are the main organizers of CryptoMondays Madrid, which is an initiative that started in New York initially powered by CryptoOracle, a crypto VC. Now CryptoMondays Madrid is an independent organization that aims to bring together passionate people about crypto and blockchain, and for sharing experiences and opinions with the final objective of strengthening the local community.

About CryptoDiffer

CryptoDiffer is an altcoin focused community-based media. We provide our global audience with up to date altcoin news and research. The platform’s concise infographics are popular among thousands of altcoin investors for valuable insights about the state of the industry and promising startups.



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