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This FAQ will continue to be updated over time. If you have any further questions or feedback for this FAQ, please drop us a message in the #onto-general channel on our Discord.

If you haven’t downloaded ONTO yet, you can here (currently only available on Android 6.0 and above).


Q: What are the ONTO system requirements for Android and iOS?

A: ONTO Android version only supports versions 6.0 and above for security reasons. An iOS version above 10.2.1 is required.

Q: When will iOS and Desktop versions of ONTO be released? What about Ledger support?

A: iOS and Desktop versions of ONTO are both scheduled for August. For those who do not want to wait for the official iOS App Store listing, you can currently download ONTO enterprise version. However, this will require you to accept use of an unlicensed developer on your phone. iOS users can also use O3 to complete the token swap.

Please note the desktop version of ONTO will only have the wallet function, as well as functions for Ledger users to complete the token swap and claim their NEO Council ONT airdrop second half by using their mnemonic phrase.

Q: Can I use ONTO on my iPad?

A: ONTO currently does not support iPad.

Q: How long does the token swap take?

A: The token swap takes up to 24 hours. The Ontology Team are being extra vigilant and performing checks on each batch of token swaps to make sure there are no problems. The MainNet Token Swap began on July 9th, 2018, and will finish on October 1st, 2018. Users must finish mapping during this period.

Q: My claimable ONG balance won’t update, why?

A: A transaction must happen in your ONTO wallet before your ONG balance updates (this includes receiving ONT/ONG to your wallet). Claiming ONG also requires a 0.01 ONG fee, however it will not update your claimable ONG balance.

Q: Why can’t I view my ONT/ONG balance?

A: There is a chance your wallet isn’t syncing with the blockchain network. Please check your network settings and go to the Ontology block explorer to check the blockchain directly.

Q: How can I distinguish a private key and a WIF?

A: Original private keys start with numbers (64 digits in total), while the WIF private key starts with K or L (52 characters in total).


Private Key: 59c8811e1******3da7858724854ec9bff81

WIF: Kxgn2c*******Pum6BcoG

Please note: SEA Wallet, NEON Wallet, and O3 Wallet all use WIF private keys. Therefore, when importing a wallet, take note of whether it is a private key or WIF.

Q: Can I use my ONTO keystore to import a wallet into OWallet?

A: No, keystore in ONTO and OWallet use a different format. Please use your mnemonic phrase to import an ONTO wallet into OWallet.


Q: Can I transfer ONT to exchanges after I have completed the token swap?

A: Please do not transfer straightaway to exchanges after the successful completion of token swap on ONTO or other wallets. You first need to double check in with your exchanges if they have completed token swap and if they support MainNet ONT deposits. After confirming you can deposit to the exchange.

Q: If I use ONTO to transfer ONT or ONG, are there any transaction fees?

A: During the ONTO trial period, users will not be charged transaction fees.

When users update their ONTO they will have to start paying a 0.01 ONG transaction fee. Users who have not updated their ONTO will later have a compulsory update. (Note: Please make sure your accounts are backed up before each update).

Q: What are the minimum transaction amounts for ONT and ONG?

A: The minimum ONT transaction amount is 1 ONT, and all ONT transactions must be a whole number; the minimum ONG transaction amount is 0.000000001 (ONG is divisible to 9 decimal points).

Q: Can I send NEP-5 ONT to ONTO?

A: Yes, you can use this method. If you send NEP-5 ONT to your ONTO address your NEP-5 ONT has gone to an identical address on the NEO blockchain. Simply go to “token swap” in your ONTO to swap your NEP-5 ONT to MainNet ONT.

Q: Why did my transaction not go through when using ONTO to transfer ONT and/or ONG to other another wallet or exchange, or using another wallet or exchange to withdraw ONT/ONG to ONTO?


  1. First check if the wallet or exchange has announced that ONT and/or ONG transactions are disabled.
  2. Then check if your transaction address is correct.
  3. Last, you can enter the address through Ontology’s official explorer (http://explorer.ont.io/) to check the latest transaction status.


Q: Is my ONT ID connected to my wallet?

A: ONT ID is not connected in any way with the wallet. They belong to different function modules. ONT ID is used to manage your identity and related authorization and authentication, while the wallet is used to manage your digital assets.

Q: Is ONT ID KeyStore the same as the wallet’s KeyStore?

A: No, ONT ID KeyStore is used when you recover your digital identity. You also need to remember the passwords created when you create your ONT ID. However, your wallet KeyStore is used to recover your wallet together with your private key and mnemonic phrase. You also need to remember your password when creating your wallet, along with the KeyStore document.

Q: Can I send ONT to my ONT ID?

A: No, you may lose your ONT if you try to send it to your ONT ID. Please only use your ONTO wallet address to send funds to.

Q: When authorizing within ONT ID, where does the authentication data go? Will data be used or leaked by ONTO?

A: ONTO will not save your data. All your information data for authentication and authorization is saved locally on your phone. Unless you authorize its use, no one has the means to take your data.

We would like to emphasize we will not save any of your personal data for data privacy reasons; if you uninstall ONTO, you will need to redo identity authentication.



Ontology is a high performance, open source blockchain specializing in digital identity and data. ONTO: http://onto.app/downloadpage/TW Telegram: http://t.me/OntologyNetwork

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