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ONTO NFT Medal Challenge 2020

Each NFT (non-fungible token) is unique and non-duplicatable which makes NFT special. In contrast to traditional universal equivalent or cryptocurrencies with infinite divisibility, NFT assets such as CryptoKitties and other game props has long become one of the most discussed and popular digital assets.

ONTO, the popular Ontology comprehensive client now supports NFT collectibles, NFT transfer, and transaction. Monthly NFT-related campaigns will be launched over the next 9 months. After completing the monthly task, you will be eligible to redeem limited edition NFT medals. A complete collection of 9 medals will give you the ticket to open the ONTO 2020 Treasure Box.

What’s in the treasure box? Stay tuned!

In addition to monthly NFT campaigns, there are some hidden tasks waiting for you on ONTO! You will also earn special NFT medals after completing tasks, which will be a big plus for the year-end rewards. More details will be released soon.

April NFT Campaign

Collecting #OntologyGenesisNFTMedal is now open! Draw and get your first NFT from HERE!

ONTO users can click on the campaign banner or access the campaign page via the ONTO dApps page and draw your Genesis NFT Medal. All Medals are designed by members of the Ontology Global community. The top 3 rare NFT Medals can directly be used to redeem ONT rewards!

Are you the first to complete the first monthly NFT campaign? Get your first NFT on ONTO now and collect your April NFT!



Ontology is a high performance, open source blockchain specializing in digital identity and data. ONTO: http://onto.app/downloadpage/TW Telegram: http://t.me/OntologyNetwork

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