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ONTO Version 0.8.8 Update Notice

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This ONTO update has two important changes:

1. ONG (Ontology Gas) is temporarily free to claim. Previously it cost 0.01 ONG to claim.

2. ONTO now offers a secure shared wallet option (using multi-singature). Shared wallets require multiple parties to approve transactions.

Users will receive an in-app prompt to update. Alternatively, you can go to the ONTO website and download ONTO again to overwrite your app. Android users can also update ONTO in the app store they downloaded it from.

As always when updating your ONTO, please make sure your ONT ID and wallet must be backed up beforehand.

About ONG redeem

ONG is temporarily free to claim. This includes both the “claimable” and “unbound” ONG balances.

We chose to do this since exchanges have not yet distributed ONG and this has caused many users withdrawing MainNet ONT from exchanges to ONTO have trouble moving their ONT (since they do not have the 0.01 ONG necessary for transactions).

Please note:

  1. We set the minimum redeem amount as 0.05 ONG, therefore you must have a minimum of 0.05 ONG claimable or unbound ONG to redeem for free. To view your claimable and unbound ONG balances in ONTO go to your wallet and press “ONG”. Alternatively, you can search your address in the Ontology block explorer.
  2. “Unbound” ONG only adds to your “claimable” ONG when you make a transaction. Therefore, pressing “redeem” will send 1 ONT to yourself, which will make any unbound ONG you have become claimable and redeem to your wallet.

About shared wallet

You can use the ONTO shared wallet in four steps:

  1. Create a shared wallet.

2. Use the shared wallet to make a transaction.

3. Wait for other signees of the shared wallet to approve the transaction.

4. Complete signing according to the terms you set and have the transactions approved (for example receive two of the three signatures), check the shared wallet transaction records.

Note: In this demo there are three signatures to the shared wallet and two signatures are required.

1. Create a shared wallet and add all participating wallet public key information.

Tip: The wallet public key information can be viewed in “manage wallet” as shown below.

2. The shared wallet initiates the transaction. The order of the transaction confirmation can be adjusted by dragging. Please note once the order is determined, it cannot be changed (in the example there are three wallets where the transaction will send after two transactions are approved).

3. The other participants of the shared wallet are signed and confirmed in order (in the example there are three wallets, two wallets are confirmed, and the transaction can be made — wallet two signature confirmation is shown in the example).

Tip: Other participants in the shared wallet need to join the shared wallet. How to join a shared wallet is shown below:

4. After completing transaction confirmation, the transaction will show in “pending”. After the transaction is completed, you can view it in the shared wallet transaction record.



Ontology is a high performance, open source blockchain specializing in digital identity and data. ONTO: http://onto.app/downloadpage/TW Telegram: http://t.me/OntologyNetwork

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