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Ontology 4th MainNet Anniversary Carnival

Event 6: Your OWN Identity, Your OWN Web3

How time flies! We’ve arrived at our 6th Ontology Carnival event. It’s time to see how your ONT ID has been used to access Web3 and the Metaverse. The more Ontology chain transactions, the more NFTs/ONT/ONG you hold, the higher your score.

All participants will receive the IDENTIFIER NFT, and the top 100 ONT ID participants with the highest scores will share 1500 ONG.


Duration: 25th July 09:00–30th July 09:00 (UTC)

1st: 100 ONG

Top 2–3: 70 ONG

Top 4–6: 50 ONG

Top 7–9: 30 ONG

Top 10–20: 20 ONG

Top 21–100: 10 ONG

Follow this guide to participate:


The Ontology team will reserve the final rights of interpretation of this event.



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