Ontology Added to Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS Marketplaces

The Ontology Team
Dec 26, 2018 · 2 min read

Ontology ONT_Dev_Platform has been added to the Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS Marketplaces — Microsoft and Amazon’s online software stores — and is expected to enter Google’s in January 2019.

What is ONT_Dev_Platform?

ONT_Dev_Platform is an Ontology blockchain dApp product built on a cloud service, which includes the Ontology stand-alone test environment, SmartX, and Block Explorer. It is available to users worldwide for free to deploy in just one click.

ONT_Dev_Platform includes:

  1. Ontology Test Mode: Ontology’s standalone test environment for dApp development.
  2. SmartX: SmartX is a one-stop IDE that can be used to compile, deploy, and invoke smart contracts. It provides a wealth of smart contract templates and powerful online editors.
  3. Ontology Block Explorer: The Ontology blockchain explorer synchronizes local Ontology blockchain information, you can use it to see the block height, transactions, and more.

Where to find ONT_Dev_Platform?

Got questions? Feel free to ask the Ontology development team and community in the #development channel in the Ontology Discord.

Are you a developer? Make sure you have joined our tech community on Discord. Also, take a look at the Developer Center on our website, there you can find developer tools, documentation, and more.


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