Ontology and Contentos to Collaborate on Public Blockchain Solutions for Content

Today, Ontology and Contentos announced a partnership in which the two projects will share their respective business expertise and work on blockchain research, application development, and community building. Ontology Global Capital will invest in Contentos, helping it use blockchain to reshape the content industry and continue to tap into the value of content.

Multiple blockchain solution initiatives

A key strategy of Ontology’s trust ecosystem is to be the connector between real businesses and distributed digital systems. Another is to provide this service across industries without requirements for complicated systems or technologies. Under this premise, Ontology’s infrastructure can connect distributed services across application scenarios and interact with people, assets, objects, and affairs. Overall, Ontology provides a trust system which integrates the physical world and the digital world, provides users with better service experiences, and creates better cooperation opportunities with society. The collaboration between Ontology and Contentos is a step in this direction for digital content. Both parties will work on building a new global decentralized digital content ecosystem, combining distributed infrastructure with video applications and people. In terms of community development, Contentos and Ontology each have a large user base. Both parties will bring better cooperation, trust, and efficiency through improved user experience.

Contentos aims to build the world’s broadest digital content public chain, enabling free production, verification, distribution, incentives, and transactions of content, returning value and power to users. Contentos has already gained rich knowledge on how to apply blockchain technology in the content field. At the beginning of this year, Contentos conducted a live streaming session on LiveMe in Taiwan using blockchain technology, which was the first time blockchain technology was used in the world of live streaming. After this, Contentos launched a live Q&A activity in the USA in conjunction with LiveMe and Cheez, a short video application. For the first time, digital assets were introduced into user reward and consumer systems. This not only incentivized users to create better content, but also closed the loop of digital assets from production to consumption. It also allowed ordinary users to access and gain understanding of blockchain technology and digital assets.

Broad cooperation in blockchain development

Currently public blockchains are facing fierce competition. In this environment public chains are trying to demonstrate their individual technical strengths and differentiating qualities from each other. Contentos and Ontology are both strong in this regard and have an open-minded and forwarded-thinking ethos.

Ontology is a new high-performance public multi-chain project and a distributed trust collaboration platform. By being open-source, open-minded, and embracing technology communities, rapid iteration allows for quick subdivision of development into different scenarios while taking in continuous feedback for applications and enhancements.

Talking about the partnership, Jun Li, Founder of Ontology, said:

“Cross-border integration is an important trend for the future of blockchain. Our cooperation with Contentos is in line with Ontology’s real economy strategy and will develop Ontology’s standing in the distributed digital content industry. We look forward to building the distributed trust ecosystem with Contentos”.

Contentos Co-Founder Mick Tsai said:

“Contentos and Ontology’s open mindset allows for sincere cooperation. Through our respective experiences and advantages, we can develop better technology, applications, and communities. As the world’s leading content chain, Contentos will continue to cooperate with outstanding projects globally for the development of blockchain technology”.