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Ontology Announces Integration with Rosetta, a Coinbase-led Open Source Project

Ontology is proud to announce an integration with Rosetta, an open-source project led by Coinbase. We look forward to contributing our knowledge, engineering experience, and technical expertise, to help make protocol integration processes easier.


Writing reliable blockchain integrations is complicated and time-consuming. The process requires careful analysis of the unique aspects of each blockchain and extensive communication with its developers to understand the best strategies to deploy nodes, recognize deposits, and broadcast transactions. Even a minor misunderstanding can lead to downtime, or even worse, incorrect fund attribution. Not to mention, this integration must be continuously modified and tested each time a blockchain team releases new software.

Instead of spending time working on their blockchain, project developers spend countless hours answering similar support questions for each team integrating their blockchain. With their questions answered, each integrating team then writes a similar code to interface with the blockchain instead of spending their engineering resources adding support for more blockchain projects or working on unique products and applications.

Rosetta aims to establish a standard for protocol integration. Launched by Coinbase, Rosetta is a 100% open source technology framework for digital wallets, crypto exchanges, and related platforms aiming to promote the adoption, collaboration, and wide-spread use of different blockchain solutions.

Ontology looks forward to working with the Coinbase and Rosetta teams on this exciting project. Our knowledge of underlying protocols, interoperability, and wallet development will contribute to the growth of this exciting project.

About Rosetta

Rosetta is a new project to standardize the process of deploying and interacting with blockchains. With an explicit specification to adhere to, all parties involved in blockchain development can spend less time figuring out how to integrate with each other and more time working on the novel advances that will push the blockchain ecosystem forward. In practice, this means that any blockchain project that implements the requirements outlined in this specification will enable exchanges, block explorers, and wallets to integrate with much less communication overhead and network-specific work.



Ontology is a high performance, open source blockchain specializing in digital identity and data. ONTO: http://onto.app/downloadpage/TW Telegram: http://t.me/OntologyNetwork

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