Ontology Community holds “Digital Economy Solutions” Event in Amsterdam

Digital Economy Solutions 2019 was held on May 19th at A-Lab, a tech space in Amsterdam. The event’s purpose was to showcase diverse blockchain projects and emphasize the opportunity for them to collaborate and innovate.

The event was created by members of the Ontology community for those who look to learn more about the latest technology innovations and find new opportunities in the areas of blockchain, gaming, finance, health, AI, privacy, and more.

Jun Li, Founder of Ontology

Jun Li, Founder of Ontology, was at the event to welcome the Dutch community. Li talked about why Ontology’s blockchain infrastructure is ready for all businesses, including the technical advances it has made since its MainNet which surpass those of other projects. In the AMA session, the audience, among other subjects, asked about Ontology’s plans for the five years. Li emphasized that Ontology’s development team will continue to achieve their roadmap goals on time, meanwhile, Ontology will push for enterprise partnerships, which take longer to mature.

At the end of his speech, Jun Li announced Ontology’s partnership with Tower Builders, an Ontology independent community developer group. Tower Builders introduced what they have been doing for Ontology, including building the Tower Builders Learning Center, an assortment of tutorials on how to develop applications in the Ontology ecosystem. Tower Builders also hosted an Ontology Tech Workshop, in which they walked through how to use Ontology’s smart contract IDE SmartX with the attendees.

Tower Builder’s Ontology workshop

Also attending the event were Ontology partners Cocos-BCX and Contentos, as well as Effect.ai, Ryu Games, NEO Health, Healthmonitor.pro, GUTS Tickets, and more.

Cocos-BCX and Effect.ai

Thank you to everyone who attended the event, including those who travelled from Belgium, Germany, the UK, and other countries just for the event! If you are a Dutch speaker, please join the Ontology Dutch community Telegram group. We are currently holding several online events, all of which you can earn some ONG from. Future events in the Benelux will also be shared in the group. If you are a developer, please join the Ontology Discord, where you can interact with the Ontology developer community, including Tower Builders.

Special thanks to Ontology Dutch admins Mark, Melicio, and Patrick for organizing the event and supporting Ontology for over a year now.