Ontology dApps are now listed on DappRadar

The Ontology Team
Jul 12 · 3 min read

In April, we have announced our cooperation with DappRadar, the world’s largest dApp data and distribution platform. We are pleased to announce that Ontology dApps are now listed on DappRadar.

Users can now track dApps running on the Ontology blockchain on DappRadar in real time, including transaction volume, activity, balance, etc.. Thanks to Ontology’s growing community and dApp incentive schemes, more dApp developers are launching dApps on Ontology and building up the user base in the Ontology dApp ecosystem. The partnership will certainly further promote growth.

According to DappRadar’s website, DappRadar has listed 2,429 dApps on its platform, its 24-hour user number exceeded 160,000 and 24-hour transaction volume reached $2.3 million.

To celebrate the partnership, Ontology is holding a 200,000 MIX airdrop event with MixMarvel. Follow the guide below and have the chance to win 100 MIX. Only 2000 spots are available!

Event Time:

09:00 July 11th — 09:00 July 18th (UTC)

Airdrop Amount:

2,000*100 MIX=200,000 MIX

Step 1: Use your ONT address to sign

1. Register and log into your ONTO, then generate or import ONT address;

2. Open the “Get Airdrop” dApp, make sure your ONT address is automatically filled in, then fill in your ONT ID and ETH address for receiving tokens;

3. Click “Submit” and pay 0.01 ONG to complete the address signature.

Step 2: Use dApps on Ontology

During the event, use the signed ONT address to access any dApp on Ontology and make transactions.


1. Available quota:

The first 2,000 users who participate in the event successfully (use your ONT address to complete signature and make transactions in any dApp on Ontology) will each win 100 MIX on a first-come-first-served basis.

2. Distribution time

MIX is an ERC-20 token. The tokens you win will be sent before July 26th, 2019, to the ETH address you submitted during the signature process. If one ONT address has signed multiple times and submitted different ETH addresses, the last address submitted before 09:00 July 18th (UTC) will be used.

3. How to download ONTO?

Click the link https://onto.app/downloadpage on your mobile, download ONTO APP, then click “DApp” and find “Get Airdrop” in the banner ad or in the dApp list to participate in the event.

4. How do I create an ONT ID?

Open the “ONT ID” page on the ONTO APP, click “Create ONT ID” and follow the instructions to create your ONT ID. You can copy your ONT ID in the “Address Book” at the top of the “Me” page.

5. The Ontology team will trigger an anti-abuse mechanism and double-check the accounts before the airdrop distribution, any suspicious account will be disqualified immediately.

Find out more about the MIX airdrop here.

About DappRadar

As the largest dApp data and distribution platform, DappRadar allows users to learn about dApp rankings with different criteria under each category, including users, transactions, volume, balance metrics and more. DappRadar provides developers and users with data tracking services that visualize market data by statistical charts and analytical insights.

DappRadar has set a benchmark as the global dApp market data and analytics leader with its industry-leading fake traffic detection and spam filters.

You can learn more about DappRadar by visiting its website.

The Ontology Team

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