Ontology Founder Announces Partnership with Multimedia Industry Leaders

The Ontology Team
Mar 13, 2019 · 2 min read
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Ontology Founder Li Jun with Pandora.tv CEO Peter Kim

MovieBloc, a Project Driven by Korean Content Service Leaders Pandora TV, to use Ontology Blockchain Infrastructure

At a speakers’ banquet hosted by Ontology on the eve of the TOKEN2049 conference in Hong Kong, Li Jun, Founder of Ontology, announced the commencement of a partnership with MovieBloc, a new participant-centric film distribution platform. MovieBloc is driven by KMPlayer, the world’s top multimedia platform with over 812 million downloads, Pandora.tv, the world’s first video-sharing platform, and Prism Exchange, a one-stop video marketing platform.

KMPlayer is one of the world’s earliest and most popular video media players. Since 2006 it has received over 812 million downloads in over 150 countries, with over 500 million monthly playbacks and growing. Founded in 2004, Pandora.tv is the world’s first video-sharing website to attach advertisement to user-submitted video clips and to provide unlimited storage space for users to upload.

Invitees of the event included: Peter Kim, CEO of Pandora.tv, Chris Kang, CEO of MovieBloc, as well as representatives from Litecoin, Coinbase, Abra, ICON, Block.one, NEO, Wanchain, Lisk, Elastos, Zilliqa, Ledger, and more. The partnership marks a milestone in the adoption of Ontology’s public blockchain infrastructure, as Ontology becomes more widely used across industries and regions.

Full news on the MovieBloc partnership will be shared tomorrow.

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