Ontology GCC (Global Community Contributor) Program is Coming!

The Ontology Team
Feb 5 · 3 min read

So far, Ontology has more than 2,000,000 community contributors, 600,000 community members from all over the world. Our community Telegram groups also support 21 different languages.

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To expand our global influences and build a better ecosystem, we would like to invite more community members to work with us. Today, we are pleased to announce the Ontology GCC (Global Community Contributor) Project, welcome you to join us!

Why become a GCC?​ 👀

ForShort-term​, you can get incredible incentives​. For the year 2020, Ontology will focus on building a powerful global community ecosystem. You will be allowed to fully utilize our remarkable incentive program — a total incentive pool of 100 million ONT to help you achieve your target.​

ForMid-term, it will be beneficial to your local community​. Ontology has the latest blockchain know-how, technologies, products, and services. As one of our GCC’s, your community can have first-hand experience in newly launched blockchain applications that enables real business adoption.​

ForLong-term​, you will help with a healthy & distributed ecosystem​. The Ontology ecosystem has many traditional industry partners which not only provide services to businesses but also to individual customers. In the long run, you will join a healthy, sustainable and distributed ecosystem.

Who can be a GCC​? 🙌

01 KOLs

Key opinion leaders (KOLs) in any industry with high interest in adopting blockchain technology, and at the same time has a good amount of followers.​

02 Business​ Connectors​

Individuals or organizations that are experienced at developing and building positive interactions and great relationships with those who are looking for blockchain solutions to generate real business leads.​

03 ​Community​ Organizations​

Existing community with a certain amount of active members who have reached a consensus on the application of blockchain technology.​

04 Research​ Organizations​

Organizations researching blockchain technology including but not limited to R&D labs, institutions, NGOs, etc.​

05 Developers​

Individual developers or teams that can apply blockchain technology to create products that will bring real values to life.​

06 Others

Tell us how you would like to help Ontology grow other than the aforementioned​ categories.

What can I get from Ontology?​ 🎁

About the GCC rewards structure ​🍬

Currently, we have 100,000,000 ONT​ in total in the basic funding pool. However, your reward can come from three aspects:

💰Basic funding from Ontology​:

💰Rewards from your community members’ staking​:

💰 Revenue sharing for every successfully turned business leads​

How to apply? 😎

Send your CV to gcc@ont.io, a short description of yourself and the reason why you apply will be welcome.

Ontology official team will contact you after reviewing your information.

We want you!

Find other languages versions here:






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