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Ontology Harbinger Interview Series: SoloTürk

This is an ongoing series featuring Ontology’s Harbingers. Harbingers are exceptional leaders that help Ontology grow its community and ecosystem, making it an ever-stronger blockchain, and decentralized identity and data leader.

In the ninth interview in this series, Ontology speaks with SoloTürk, administrator of our Turkish Community.

1. How did you hear about Ontology? What drew your attention to Ontology?

I discovered Ontology for the first time on CoinMarketCap in January, 2018. I liked the name Ontology, so I did some research.

2. Why did you become a supporter of Ontology and a champion of its brand?

I became a supporter as I saw very little activity in the Ontology Turkish group. So I asked if I could be a part-time supporter and help strengthen the group, and now I am a big supporter. My group is much more active, and we also have a Free Technical Analysis Signals group.

3. What’s the key role of a Harbinger? What’s your favorite thing about being a Harbinger?

I want to strengthen the team and grow the community.

4. Why is it important to you to be a part of the Ontology community?

I want to follow up on the latest news from Ontology and share the news and ideas within our Ontology community.

5. How is the Ontology community different from other blockchain communities, is there anything that makes it stand out?

The Harbinger program is not available in other blockchains or other communities. I have not seen it or heard of anyone else doing a similar program.

6. What do you use as your main channels for interacting with the Ontology community and why? Do you want to see more?

Twitter and Telegram for now, but maybe Instagram in the future.

7. Can you share an unforgettable experience or something you learned from being a Harbinger? What advice would you give to someone who wants to be a journalist?

My advice would be to stay active in the project. Supporting the project as much as you can, helping them to build the future, and sharing your knowledge with others.

8. How would you describe the Ontology community in three words?

Active, Quality, Technology.

9. How do you think Ontology can expand its community going forward? What would you like to see more/less? What kinds of things do you see community members doing that you think have helped our community grow?

Hosting AMAs each week in other Telegram groups with other public chains, or by inviting them and mingling with them and organizing activities together.

10. What do you see as key milestones for Ontology and how can the community help achieve them?

Now Ontology is 3 years old and I hope to see more collaborations with other companies or public chains, to let the world know how wonderful Ontology is.

To learn more about Ontology’s Harbinger Program and how you can get involved, check out our updated GUIDE.

Want more Ontology?

Learn more about our decentralized data and identity solutions on our website and official Twitter account. You can also chat with us on Telegram and keep up-to-date with the latest news via our Telegram Announcement account.




Ontology is a high performance, open source blockchain specializing in digital identity and data. ONTO: http://onto.app/downloadpage/TW Telegram: http://t.me/OntologyNetwork

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