Ontology holds Tokyo Hackathon with Microsoft

The Ontology Tokyo Hackathon was held December 8th-9th, 2018. Ontology partnered with Microsoft and LayerX for the hackathon, which attracted several teams of developers from different technical backgrounds and industries. Special thanks to the venue provider Eureka for their support.

Ontology Founder LI Jun welcoming developers to the event
Microsoft Senior Solutions Expert Kazumi Hirose giving a speech
Ontology Senior Software Engineer TAN Yuan

Following speeches by LI Jun and Kazumi Hirose, Ontology Senior Software Engineer TAN Yuan talked about Ontology technology in detail and welcomed developers to make full use of the Ontology blockchain dApp development framework Punica, SDKs, smart contracts, and other open-source technology to realize their ideas.

After a 24-hour programming marathon, the contestants presented their projects, which included passwords management, food security traceability, reputation evaluation, identity verification, and digital asset management. Below we introduce a few of the projects.

Nick from the ONT ONE team gave a presentation on their Ontology-powered digital asset management application. He believes many people in the technology and business fields want to use blockchain technology, but are discouraged by its complexity. Therefore, the team wanted to create a “gateway to the smart economy”, providing desktop and mobile applications to help people from all walks of life achieve secure and reliable digital asset management.

By pointing out the common issue of forgetting to take out one’s ID card, the next contestants proposed a digital identity based on Ontology’s decentralized identity protocol ONT ID, which can identify and authenticate all the aspects of our identity we use and be accessed wherever we go.

Food security is a problem that cannot be ignored. The Hokago Yureru Neko (放課後揺れるネコ) team admitted their inspiration comes from the fact several members are foodies and they see the need to trace meat quality using blockchain. By attaching the BPS TAG to packaging, each commodity is made unique and immutable. If the tag is changed in transit, then the previous one becomes invalid. Using this mechanism, the team hopes data will be provided by manufacturers in the future so customers can trace details about the food they eat at any time.

Team Riboharai (リボ払い) also shared their project which created on-chain cards with unique hashes.

The judges then made a thorough evaluation of the contestant presentations in regard to code integrity, innovation, integration of Ontology technology, and feasibility/practicality.

Mathias Glintborg, Global Development Manager of Ontology, introduced the Ontology tech community and invited Japanese developers to participate in the Ontology Bounty Program and develop on Ontology.

The judges awarding the winners of the Ontology Tokyo Hackathon
After the awards ceremony

Along with the Ontology TechCrunch hackathon last month, ONT ID, Ontology’s decentralized identity protocol included in the W3C-CCG DID Method Registry, remains a core component choice for community developers, highlighting the necessity for an identity layer in blockchain applications.

We were impressed by the passion, persistence, and innovation of the developers at the Ontology Tokyo Hackathon, and look forward to having more teams join us at future events.

Special thanks again to the support from Microsoft, LayerX, and Eureka.

If you have not already, please join our developer community on Discord where you can chat directly with Ontology developers and ask questions. We also have Japanese language support.

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