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Ontology is Now Officially a Technical Provider for Enterprise Solutions through Cointelegraph Consulting

May this be just the beginning.

For a thorough adoption of blockchain technology, the road must go through enterprises — this is something we have always known at Ontology, and with the recent addition by Cointelegraph Consulting to its technical provider list after a rigorous screening, we are more confident than ever that enterprise solutions will be a cornerstone to not just the success at Ontology, but the entire blockchain industry as a whole.

With over 5 million unique visitors each month and over 17 million page views, Cointelegraph has rapidly established itself as one of the media anchors in the blockchain space. But the readers it attracts aren’t merely traders, enthusiasts, or bitcoin fiends — rather, Cointelegraph has quietly established itself as a legitimate mediator between established enterprises and blockchain technology providers. As a result, a consulting arm was launched that aims to “…connect the world between blockchain and traditional institutions of all sizes by bringing wider adoption of digital assets and enterprise-grade blockchain solutions through education and professional consulting services.”

In many ways, this match between Cointelegraph Consulting and Ontology was a predetermined match, as illustrated by the pre-existing enterprise case studies implemented by Ontology. The most recent example, with Daimler Mobility, saw the implementation of Ontology’s DeID to allow users to customize and personally manage their automotive experiences regardless of the car they’re sitting in. A decentralized identity solution is at the forefront of blockchain technology and provides unlimited potential for organizations since much of the digital trend these days revolves around data & identity protection.

Another example of the pre-existing enterprise implementations is Ontology’s partnership with Kaiyun Motors and OGQ. By providing the technical support for a public chain, Kaiyun Motors has been able to store over 2 million data sets ranging from claims on autonomous vehicles, to real-time wear and tear data during last-mile logistics. Not only has this potentially saved lives on the road, but it has also possibly drastically cut down costs on claims and overdue maintenances for Kaiyun Motors. As for OGQ, Ontology’s public chain has recorded over 250 million pieces of digital asset content that have been uploaded on OGQ and granted over 14 million content creators to immutable possess their digital property such as emojis, images, videos, music, new fonts, stickers, and memes to fans.

The SAGA market is another real-case application for Ontology’s public chain as over 200,000+ users and 10,000+ ecosystem partners rely on SAGA to access streams of decentralized data ranging from foreign exchanges to meteorology.

In addition to these in-depth case studies provided, Ontology also offers a series of enterprise solutions in the following sectors:

  • Automotive: Component Authentication, simplifying the supply chain, and automating claim processes.
  • Data Marketplace: Lowering transaction costs, adding a layer of security, improving data quality, and ensuring proper data access.
  • Data Attestation: Certification of data and identity, as well as providing proof of existence.
  • Digital Finance: 5,000+ transactions per second, ONT ID to simplify the KYC process.

Moving forward, Ontology will be officially listed on Cointelegraph’s vendor page, as will be the case studies we mentioned above in addition to others. By focusing on decentralized identities, Ontology is able to provide a wide range of use cases for enterprises of all sectors. This doesn’t even take into account the newly launched OScore, a self-sovereign credit evaluation system based on user data stored on the Ontology blockchain — which also fully integrates with ONT ID to give users an added layer of identity protection, and control over who gets to access their personal data.

We look forward to potential new use cases of implementing Ontology’s robust set of technical solutions for enterprise-grade problems. If you have further questions, you can contact the enterprise solution team at business@ont.io or find more details in our Solutions Brochure here.

About Cointelegraph Consulting

Cointelegraph Consulting is a venture of Cointelegraph.com — the world’s most widely read cryptocurrency and blockchain news website, proven by an Alexa rating of 2,554. Since 2013, the company has been the industry’s leading independently-owned outlet. Cointelegraph Consulting provides strategic counsel to enterprise customers at every stage of blockchain implementation — from understanding the technology, identifying use cases, reviewing and analyzing vendors, to providing assistance in bringing a solution to market. From breaking news to in-depth analysis, readers around the world come to Cointelegraph for the latest and most accurate information about the crypto and blockchain industry.



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