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Ontology Japan Corporate MainNet Event Attracts Hundreds of Industry Elites

Ontology, a new high-performance public multi-chain project and a distributed trust collaboration platform, held its Japan Corporate MainNet Event in Tokyo on August 24th, 2018.

The event attracted over three hundred guests from the Japanese government and enterprises. Participants discussed how to make blockchain technology economically viable to facilitate its development in traditional industries, as well as how to realize digital transformation, build trust systems, and other development plans.

At the beginning of the conference, Tomoya Yamashita, Member of Aichi Assembly and Secretary General of the Liberal Democratic Party in Aichi, gave an opening speech:

“The development of innovative technology will promote the continuous improvement of social production and work efficiency. The wide application of distributed networks can bring more elements of trust to the whole of society and bring with it benefits in cost reduction and personal information protection. The combination of advanced technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, and big data is the cornerstone of future social development, which will be a positive thing for Japanese companies and the whole of society”.

Tomoya Yamashita, Member of Aichi Assembly and Secretary General of Liberal Democratic Party in Aichi

CEO of Onchain and Founder of NEO, DA Hongfei, first expressed his sincere gratitude to the guests from the Japanese government and local enterprises and that he was honored and looking forward to continued contact with the representatives. DA believes:

“Technological change is happening every day. We are fortunate to be the technology leaders of this era and be working with partners like you to make change together”.

CEO of Onchain and Founder of NEO, DA Hongfei

Afterwards, Ontology’s Founder LI Jun introduced Ontology MainNet Ontology 1.0 in detail, he said:

“Technology, law, and communities constitute the three-dimensions of trust in the blockchain ecosystem. Blockchain systems can now provide trust at a technical level. However, they need more support from law and communities. From this perspective, Ontology’s trust architecture provides a distributed and integrated trust system, coordinating the diversity of trust under an integrated trust protocol system, providing open foundation modules for different application scenarios and constructing distributed trust infrastructure across chains, systems, industries, applications, and terminals”.

Ontology Founder LI Jun Introducing Ontology 1.0

Ontology ecosystem partners also attended the event, speaking on how business fields such as advertisement, content, business, financial credit, automobiles, data, and more can be integrated into blockchain technology, introducing their technical applications and project progresses. They also described a grand blueprint for future blockchain technologies which will bring more tangible changes to our work and social lives.

Ontology ecosystem partners DAD, Contentos, BDN, PTS, CarBlock, and COT representatives giving speeches

During the Sino-Japanese panel discussion, Ontology’s Founder LI Jun, Member of the Blockchain Legislative Committee of Japan Financial Services Agency and Senior Consultant of Japan Blockchain Association Masataka Ogasawara, President of EOLE Naoto Yoshida, and Principal of Ethereum Japan Yusuke Obinata had a lively discussion on “how blockchain will upgrade traditional industries”. Masataka Ogasawara believed that:

“The rapid development of blockchain technology in Japan can provide more guarantees for financial security, preserve distributed data, and bring greater trust to every enterprise and user”.

Masataka Ogasawara, Yusuke Obinata, Naoto Yoshida, and LI Jun at the Sino-Japanese panel discussion

Assembly Member of Toyohashi City, Mr. Hisayoshi Kondo, gave a speech at Ontology’s cooperation ceremony with Toyohashi city. He first sent his congratulations to the success of the event and affirmed his confidence in the integration of Ontology’s technology with real use case scenarios. In the next phase, he will promote close cooperation with Ontology and set up a special research institute to promote the development of Toyohashi smart city, promote the formation Higashimikawa area into a bay area, and drive the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries in Toyohashi.

Assembly member of Toyohashi City, Mr. Hisayoshi Kondo

In the meantime, Parliamentary Vice Minister of Finance, Imaeda Soichiro, sent a congratulatory message to Ontology entering into the Japan market. He said that Japan needs a technology-focused team like Ontology to help with its economic development.

Ontology’s Founder LI Jun sharing Ontology’s plan in the Japan market

Ontology’s Founder LI Jun shared Ontology’s plan for the Japan market at the cooperation ceremony:

“Ontology will work with partners from all industries in Japan to promote technology, strengthen community power, and jointly build the trust ecosystem. From a technical perspective, Ontology will use advanced technology and solutions to help local enterprises in Japan upgrade their industries and use technology to speed up economic development”.

Ontology celebrates official cooperation with Toyohashi city
LI Jun with Japan government and enterprise partners

The event was the largest launch event of a China blockchain project in Japan, attracting more than 120 Japanese enterprises and over 100 well-known investors, as well as many media and other special guests. The total number of people attending the event was more than 300 people and around 264,000 people watched the live stream provided by NetEase News.

The event attracted close attention from many Japanese assembly members and governmental blockchain consultants, including: Ms. Yamakoshi, Secretary of Mr. Katsumi Ogawa, Member of House of Councillors of Japan; Secretary of Mr. Mikio Shimoji, former Administration Officer for the Minister of Economy, Trade, and Industry; and other important figures from financial and industrial sectors.

Representatives from Japan-listed EOLE, PWC, Opt Ventures, UCAP & Partners, ABC Holdings, Japan’s largest mobile operator Docomo, Omron, SoftBank Group, Directors from Hitachi and Lotte, telecommunication provider KDDI Corporation, Japan’s largest mobile payment and blockchain investment company Anypay, Japan’s largest blockchain technology company Layerx, Japan’s largest integrated internet company DMM, and Mizuho Financial Group also attended.

Japanese investor representatives from Kanapippi and Taisa were also at the event asking questions. Yahoo Japan, Bloomberg, Techwave, ITMedia, Blockchain Media, SPA, Nikkei, and Digital Journal carried out interviews for stories, covering the event and learning more about Ontology’s distributed trust ecosystem.



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