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Ontology Joins Digital Chamber of Commerce to Continue Global Blockchain Advocacy

Ontology is proud to announce that we have officially joined the Digital Chamber of Commerce, the world’s leading trade association representing the digital asset and blockchain industry.

Comprising more than 200 industry leaders from around the globe, including some of the world’s leading financial and technology companies such as Accenture, CITI, CISCO, Deloitte, IBM, Microsoft, Binance US, Bitpay, Ripple, and R3, the Digital Chamber of Commerce aims to promote the acceptance and use of blockchain technologies and digital assets by fostering a more inclusive business environment.

Seeking to tackle major industry challenges, the Chamber’s top three priority areas include: education and advocacy; anti-money laundering and terrorist financing prevention; and achieving greater regulatory clarity for digital tokens.

Commenting, Andy Ji, Co-founder of Ontology said, “Ontology is proud to have officially joined the Digital Chamber of Commerce. By tackling macro barriers to the widespread adoption of blockchain and digital assets, together we can achieve more and create a better environment for everyone to learn and interact.

“The Digital Chamber of Commerce’s commitment to working closely with policymakers, regulators, and industry to bring about a blockchain ecosystem that encourages adoption, innovation, and investment is pivotal to the long-term growth and sustainability of the industry. Ontology looks forward to working with the Digital Chamber of Commerce and all of its members to increase awareness and understanding of the many benefits blockchain and digital assets have to offer.”



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