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Ontology Launches New Version Of ONTO With Additional Data Management And Claims Features

ONTO, Ontology’s self-sovereign data wallet, is a one-stop mobile application for the management of your digital identity, data, and assets, giving users the power to control the value of their data. Today, we are delighted to officially announce the launch of a new version of ONTO, which is a milestone moment for us. Below, we have outlined the new functions and data management features the updated wallet will include — creating a seamless process for the protection and endorsement of data.

Making it easier to find other users and transfer assets

Users can create their own address book and add fellow ONTO users as contacts by searching email or mobile numbers linked to their ONT IDs.

This new feature will make it much easier for users to transfer tokens, NFTs, or stablecoins, as well as to manage, store, and share digital claims and certificates.

Fast transfer of assets through ONT ID

Payees can use ONT ID to verify and link an email or mobile phone number to transfer assets in a much faster and more user-friendly way than inputting a long-winded wallet address. If a payee has not set up ONT ID, they will receive a prompt to download ONTO and create an ONT ID via email or text. Once complete, assets can easily be transferred using phone numbers and emails as wallet addresses.

Claim Your Data And Digital Certifications

ONTO’s new verified claim function gives users the ability to own and manage their data. Verified claims will be recorded and stored on ONTO, and successfully authenticated information will generate a unique and tamper-proof hash value to be stored on the Ontology blockchain.

ONTO’s new identity verification feature will increase trust and security on the ONTO platform. In the future, these features will be used to verify everything from users’ academic credentials to their financial or health status. Claim issuance and revocation will be authenticated through third-party verification including by individuals, organizations, and/or enterprises.

Powered by blockchain, ONTO’s increased focus on verification, security, and data management is another step towards achieving a new system where users are in control of their data and can seamlessly collaborate with enterprises while trusting that their data still belongs to them.



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