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Ontology Monthly Report — April 2020

When one is fully devoted into one’s work, time fleets away in a second. Here we are, ending the fruitful April and entering into an exciting May.

Ontology’s Keywords this month:

Layer 2/ONTO v2.8.0/Chamber of Digital Commerce/Binance (ONT-33D)/NFT

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Layer 2
- Completed 50% of the optimistic rollup’s minimized realization

MainNet Optimization
- Ontology 1.9.0 is available on MainNet
- Completed the optimization and audit of DHT and P2P network, will go live on TestNet soon

ONTO v2.7.1 Release
- Added support for NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens)
- Kicked off the #MyFirstNFTonONTO campaign

ONTO v2.7.3 & 2.7.4 Release
- Added support for a series of NFT campaigns and the Bibox campaign

ONTO v2.8.0
- Added support for Bitcoin (BTC) transactions
- Newly added page for stablecoins
- NPay now supports salary payments for enterprises

Explorer v2.3.0 Release
- Newly added list of OEP-5 assets and now displays NFT asset images
- Optimized transaction history, enhanced the performance of the transaction API
- Optimized the CDN (Content Delivery Network), with a decrease in loading time
- Optimized UI and fixed a few bugs

- Added more members to team page and updated the hiring page

- 61 dApps launched
- 5,247,392 transactions, an decrease of 37,659 transactions since last month

Community Growth
- Telegram: monthly net growth of 1,853+ people, significant growth in Russian, Tagalog, Vietnamese, Sinhala, Bangaldesh and Hindi communities.
- Newly added Ontology Nigeria and Pakistan communities

Bounty Program
- The Bounty Program page is under development, will be upgraded soon
- 493 applications, 7 newly added
- 37 tasks, 50 teams, 20 teams working on tasks
- 30 teams finished tasks and received rewards

News Release
- Ontology has officially joined the Chamber of Digital Commerce, along with leading global organizations including Accenture, Deloitte, IBM, Microsoft, Citi and Cisco
- The Ontology Foundation released its latest Financial Report. As of Mar 31, the total assets managed by the Foundation were valued at approximately US $258,251,842
- Binance has launched a new token pegged to ONT on Binance Chain, providing the ability for decentralized trading between ONT and BNB. ONT-33D is a BEP-2 token backed by ONT at a 1:1 ratio. It launched for trading on Binance DEX on April 21, 2020
- Through Bitnovo, Ontology’s European users can now easily buy and sell ONT and ONG at 36,000 stores in Europe with cash on Bitnovo’s website, as well as top up their Bitsa card with ONT & ONG.
- Ontology announced a recent strategic partnership with Moonstake
- Venezuela Blockchain became the 1st Ontology GCC (Global Community Contributor) node
- Development has begun to connect Ontology with Filecoin to provide users with decentralize storage services
- OKEx Pool, one of Ontology’s consensus nodes, has launched an ONT staking service

Global Event
- Andy JI, Co-Founder of Ontology, was invited to a Burency AMA for the Ontology Arabic community. He received 1,000+ questions from participants
- An Ontology core team member attended INATBA’s Roundtable, presenting a proposal to the World Health Organization (WHO) to set up a bespoke donation dApp for a COVID19 response fund to help make donations while utilizing our blockchain to record transactions safely and securely.
- Ontology launched an AMA with Bibox, interacting with influencers in the Ontology Russian Community and the Bibox community. ONTO tutorial videos in Russian have been released. Users will receive the bonus once they use ONTO.
- John Izaguirre, Ontology’s Europe Ecosystem Lead, was invited to an online roundtable held by Iconic Holding. In this webinar, John shared his view on the latest market movements and the coming effect of coronavirus on traditional and global crypto markets and how investors should handle the current market conditions.
- Kicked off the Ontology NFT Medal Challenge 2020. Monthly NFT-related campaigns will be run over the next 9 months. After completing monthly tasks, users will be eligible to redeem limited edition NFT medals. A complete collection of 9 medals will give users a key to open the ONTO 2020 Treasure Box.
- Erick Pinos, Ontology’s Americas Ecosystem Lead, was invited to give an online talk to BEN Turkey, an association of student blockchain clubs at universities across Turkey. Erick spoke about Ontology’s identity platform and its use cases for COVID-19 and the general medical industry. He also gave links to resources for Turkish university students interested in getting more involved with Ontology development

- Protocol Expert
- Data Product Manager
- Engineer (Android)
- Senior Solutions Associate
- Global Marketing Manager
- Global Development Manager
- Social Media Associate
- Chief Editor-Asia Observatory
- Finance Accountant

New Team Member
- 1 QA Engineer

- Contact us: contact@ont.io
- Apply now: careers@ont.io



Ontology is a high performance, open source blockchain specializing in digital identity and data. ONTO: http://onto.app/downloadpage/TW Telegram: http://t.me/OntologyNetwork

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