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Ontology Monthly Report — February 2021

An Update from Ontology

February 2021

As interest in sustainable investing continues to surge, the risk of privacy and data breaches grows higher, as these relatively nascent investments may not have effective data management protocols in place. It is for this reason that the next big trend in sustainable investing will be data privacy and data management. (Read more in Global Banking and Finance here. )

Li Jun, Founder

Developments / Corporate Updates

Development Progress

  • We have completed 45% of the Ontology EVM-integrated design, which will be fully compatible with Ethereum contract ecology after completion.

Product Development

  • We released ONTO v3.7.2. This version added support for Kusama, support for adding custom assets, an “Invite Friends” feature, and a “Guides” column in the News section, in addition to an optimized “Discover” section and Npay features.
  • We launched our new wallet: ONTO Web, the first cross-chain web wallet.


  • By February 25th 2021, there were 112 dApps launched in total on MainNet
  • In February there was a total 6,420,482 dApp transactions completed on MainNet

Community Growth & Bounty

  • Another month of growth for the community! This month we onboarded 2,164 new members across Ontology’s global communities. As always, we welcome anyone who is interested in Ontology to join us!

New Team Members

  • 1 BD Manager
  • 1 Operation Intern


  • Global Marketing Manager
  • Solution Architect Europe
  • Overseas Community Operations
  • Ecosystem Growth Manager

Out & About — Event Spotlight

  • Ontology — The ONLY Decentralized Identity Partner for Binance Smart Chain. The integration of Ontology’s Decentralized Identity Solution into the Binance Smart Chain is the latest in our collaborative efforts. The symbiotic relationship sees Ontology and ONT ID as the sole partner for BSC in terms of providing a truly decentralized identity option and KYC user verification. Recently, Binance launched its “BSC” dashboard, which lists ONT.
  • Li Jun, Founder of Ontology, was interviewed by CointelegraphCN and shared his thoughts on blockchain’s globalization. He was invited to speak at “Web 3.0 TALKS”, on the topic of Decentralized Identity. The discussion touched upon how Ontology is developing the building blocks for a better web.
  • Li Jun had two opinion articles published. See links below:

— Global Banking and Finance: ‘Why Privacy Should Be ESG Investors’ Next Big Priority

— Nasdaq: ‘Data Regulation In 2021: More Small Steps Or A Giant Leap?’.

  • An original video called “Decoded Decentralized Identity” was uploaded by Ontology, to share our opinions about data and identity.
  • Our “ONTO Red Packets For You & Me” campaign launched, which allowed users to send Red Packets on ONTO for a 10,000 ONG bonus. A two-week “Open ONTO with me” campaign was launched, which was a tremendous success and attracted nearly 1,000 users. ONTO supported Binance Blockchain Week’s online broadcast. By scanning a QR code on their screens, users were entered with a chance to win a portion of a limited number of 2,000 DEGO NFTs.



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