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Ontology Monthly Report — May 2020

May has shown us that anything is possible with enough dedication. All throughout the month, we made many developments in our technology, product, community, and more.

Key Topics: ONT ID 2.0/Layer 2/SAGA/Consensus: Distributed/DeFi/NFT

Attached is our May monthly report in English, as well as links to our monthly report in various other languages.







Tiếng Việt







MainNet Optimization
- Ontology 1.10.0 is currently running on the TestNet
- Completed the development of ONT ID 2.0
Layer 2
- Completed optimistic rollup’s minimized realization

ONTO v2.9.0 Release
- Newly added ONT score function, which can be used for special on-chain access and bonuses. The score will reflect the user’s reputation. ONT score will also let users access special features of certain dApps and participate in all kinds of campaigns in ONTO
- Newly added ONT Health Code function

ONTO v2.9.1 Release
- Wall of Memories, an upgraded version of Wishing Wall, has launched on ONTO, with the function to record messages on-chain.
- Kicked off the #DeFiOnONTO campaign
ONTO v2.9.2
- Completed 90% of development, will release soon

- 61 dApps launched
- 5,247,392 transactions

Community Growth
- Telegram: monthly net growth of 1,643 members, significant growth in Chinese, Vietnamese, Sinhala, Bangladesh, and Pakistan communities

Bounty Program
- Bounty Program page has been upgraded (bounty.ont.io)
- Collecting bounty ideas from the Ontology global community. Set 20+ ONG rewards for community members whose ideas are chosen
- Seeking Python SDK developers from the community
- 497 applications, 4 newly added
- 38 tasks, 50 teams, 19 teams working on tasks
- 31 teams finished tasks and received rewards

News Release
- Ontology has officially joined the Celo Foundation Alliance for Prosperity, a mission-aligned network of organizations fostering social impact & financial inclusion through the use of blockchain technology to build mobile-friendly financial tools on Celo
- Ontology has partnered with Spherity, a German decentralized digital identity specialist to advance digital identity solutions, providing scope for the exploration of enterprise & product identity & cross-border supply chain identity use cases
- Jun LI, Founder of Ontology, was invited to an online interview by Ryan Selkis, CEO of Messari, where he recapped the recent technological developments of Ontology and COVID-19’s influence on Ontology’s focuses

Global Event
- Ontology sponsored Consensus Distributed, which was hosted virtually and was made free for all attendees for the first time. On top of an Ontology virtual booth, the Ontology team ran informative and educational webinars on YouTube each day from May 12th to 15th. These webinars gave both the Ontology community and Consensus: Distributed attendees a unique opportunity to gain deeper insights into our high-performance enterprise blockchain and bespoke decentralized products — including the launch of our new product SAGA
- Erick Pinos, Ontology’s Americas Ecosystem Lead and Edmond CONG, Ontology’s Senior Tech Lead, spoke at REIMAGINE 2020. They brought the latest Ontology 2.0 blockchain knowledge as well as an online workshop called “How to Build up Your First dApp on Ontology”. After the Ontology Global University Workshop series, Ontology has continued to update our online courses, seeing a stable increase of registered students. The online courses have been a great help to the students to learn more about blockchain and blockchain development
- Gloria WU, Ontology’s Chief of Global Ecosystem Partnerships, joined a panel at ANON Summit “Libra, China, Digital Programmable Euro: Getting Real about CBDC” with Prof. Philipp Sandner & others to further discuss the similarity & differences between China’s national digital currency DCEP & CBDC
- John Izaguirre, Ontology’s Europe Ecosystem Lead, was invited to the “The Road to Metamorphosis” online conference and delivered a speech on “How Ontology is working towards true decentralization”. Meanwhile, John was featured in a ChangeNOW AMA and answered questions from the European community
- Morio Katayama, Ontology’s Japanese Community Operation Manager, was invited to an online webinar by BINARYSTAR. As the speaker for this event, Morio introduced to the audience Ontology’s technology and ecosystem. The webinar attracted 122 participants, 20% of whom are senior executives from different enterprises, which will increase Ontology’s influence in the Japanese market
- Emilio Fernandez Reyes, Ontology’s Spanish admin, was invited to an online roundtable campaign by Binance Spanish. While there, he gave updates on Ontology 2020 to the Spanish community, including the establishment of new GCC nodes, our cooperations with Bitsa Card, and the news that a Spanish version of ONTO will launch soon
- On May 22nd, the Bitcoin Pizza Day, Ontology, and OKEx hosted an AMA in Ontology’s English Telegram to answer questions from the community following the recent support of ONT/USD and ONT/USDT perpetual swap pairs on OKEx. Alysa XU, OKEx’s Chief Strategy Officer, explained the cooperation between Ontology and OKEx, and the investment value of ONT. Over 1,000 people joined the online interaction

- Protocol Expert
- Data Product Manager
- Engineer (Android)
- Senior Solutions Associate
- Global Marketing Manager
- Global Development Manager
- Social Media Associate
- Chief Editor-Asia Observatory
- Finance Accountant
- Business Sales

New Team Member
- 1 Front-end Developer

- Contact us: contact@ont.io
- Apply now: careers@ont.io




Ontology is a high performance, open source blockchain specializing in digital identity and data. ONTO: http://onto.app/downloadpage/TW Telegram: http://t.me/OntologyNetwork

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