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Ontology Partners with Ubitus, Largest GaaS Service Provider in Northeast Asia

Ontology has announced a strategic partnership with Ubitus, a world-leading cloud gaming platform and the largest GaaS (GPU-as-a-Service) service provider in Northeast Asia. Ontology will provide comprehensive blockchain technology support for Ubitus, including data exchange, data identity, smart contracts, and other services. Both parties will work to build a decentralized AI computing ecosystem at application level to support the game industry and cross-chain development.

After AlphaGo defeated the world champion of Go, the public realized the extent to what AI could achieve. Likewise, the machine learning world, opened up by open-source DeepMind, amazed the scientific community. Now, the game industry has also carried out research in AI and deep learning. Game design with AI not only improves user experience, but also expands to new industrial applications such as medicine and unmanned vehicles. Thus, the game industry and AI have become an important part in the development of modern science and technology, and their deep integration will continue to bring more remarkable changes.

However, in some situations, the limitation of professional talent and equipment resources has resulted in technical barriers, which makes the formerly booming game industry overly centralized, which has had negative effects on creativity and innovation.

Based on the UbiDocker virtualization technology developed by Ubitus and combined with their experience in cloud gaming and computing, Ubitis has launched a distributed AI ecosystem, and developed SDKs and APIs to assist game application developers to import Computer Vision, machine learning, deep learning, and other AI applications to make development easier.

By integrating Ontology’s high-performance underlying architecture, Ubitus can make use of blockchain, smart contracts, and other technologies to save in AI development costs and ensure all users in the ecosystem share mature AI models and large training databases, which bring great convenience and potential to game industry partners.

At the same time, both parties will also carry out in-depth cooperation in product and technology promotion, information sharing, ecosystem construction, and community. Ubitus will also introduce cloud game content and developers to the Ontology ecosystem.

Speaking of this strategic cooperation, Wesley Kuo, Chief Executive Officer of Ubitus said:

Chief Strategy Officer of Ontology, Andy Ji, believes that:

With a mission of “presenting customer and partner multimedia entertainment services through cloud technology to end consumers in the most friendly and convenient way”, Ubitus has built the world’s first commercial cloud gaming platform, and is also the only commercial LTE and WiFi cloud gaming platform that has been verified by the industry, providing multimedia cloud entertainment services for more than 500 top enterprise partners around the world. In the future, Ontology and Ubitus will focus on AI computing power and the game industry, devoting themselves to building a decentralized game industry.

About Ubitus

A world-leading GPU virtualization and cloud streaming platform, Ubitus is committed to providing high-quality user experience with advanced technologies. Users can enjoy top-class gaming across devices as long as they connect to broadband. It is headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, with offices in Tokyo and Guangzhou.

Ubitus develops and provides specialized technologies and services, and has released applications across various devices, networks, and platforms such as smartphone, tablet computer, game console, smart television, and computers, achieving a high-quality user experience that can be enjoyed anywhere and at any time. Ubitus has long supported the international development of domestic and foreign gaming companies and software companies, and made joined efforts with telecom operators, network service operators, and game operators around the world to develop cloud gaming.

For further information, please visit: http://www.ubitus.net/en/aboutubitus.html



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