Ontology Releases Technical Community Bounty Program

Ontology has released a technical community bounty program to help create a technical community where everyone can get more involved and be encouraged to participate in Ontology’s development and governance. 10% of all ONT (100,000,000 ONT) is allocated to the technical community. We hope you can participate actively in this scheme and together build up the Ontology technical community.

This technical community bounty program is mainly for individual and team developers. We encourage developers to build independent teams to assist with development.

Developers can apply for our developer tasks via the new “Developer” section on the Ontology official website.

We also welcome ideas and suggestions, drop us an email at contact@ont.io or message us on Discord.

Below are the first additions to the technical community bounty program.

1. Smart Contract Test Framework

Compensation: 1,000+ ONT

Built-in smart contract compilation, deployment, and management, etc., within the test framework. Automated smart contract testing that can be developed rapidly.


2. SDKs

Compensation 1,000+ ONT/SDK

We have currently developed Java/TS SDK, and Python and C++ are under development. We now need Swift SDK, Kotlin SDK, and SDKs that support more languages.

Please refer to the following function list:

● Develop a wallet file according to wallet specification and store encrypted account private key of the asset account and identity in the wallet file. There is also a need for mnemonic phrase and KeyStore functionality.

● Interacting with the blockchain, including querying and sending transactions.

● Transaction serialization, constructing the call smart contract bytecode.

● Complete these native smart contracts: ONT, ONG, ONT ID, Auth, governance.


3. Chrome Plug-In

Compensation 500+ ONT

Supports digital assets management, ONT ID management, and so on.


4. Anonymous Credential

Compensation: 500+ ONT

Implementing anonymous credential scheme in different languages and integrating it into SDKs.


5. Hardware Acceleration

Compensation: 2,000+ ONT

Use FPGAs to parallel verify ECDSA signatures with curve NIST P-256.


6. One-Click Blockchain

Compensation: 500+ ONT

Quickly fire up a personal Ontology blockchain which you can use to run tests, execute commands, and inspect state while controlling how the chain operates.


7. Integration with Trezor ONE and Model T

Compensation 800+ ONT

Integration with Trezor One and Trezor Model T. Support Trezor Core firmware.


We will give compensation for qualified contributions. The Ontology Technical Committee will review and approve each individual case.

Compensation will be allocated according to project progress and assessment results.

At the same time, we also encourage every developer to break the mold and be more innovative. We look forward to seeing more ideas beyond the above specified bounties!

Once again, if you’re a developer make sure you’ve joined our developer community on Discord.

Thank you for your continued support,

The Ontology Team