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Ontology Weekly Report (April 7th–13th, 2021)


It has been another busy week at Ontology HQ. Marking a significant milestone for DeFi at Ontology, Wing Finance, Ontology’s cross chain DeFi lending platform, is now live on Ethereum. We also cooperated with MDEX to launch a global campaign.

Latest Developments

Development Progress

  • We have completed 75% of the Ontology EVM-integrated design, which will make Ontology fully compatible with the Ethereum smart contract ecology after completion.
  • We have completed 60% of the research on the latest progress of Layer 2 technology, exploring the integration of Ethereum Layer 2 on the Ontology MainNet.

Product Development

This week ONTO x MDEX (BSC) jointly launched an AMA broadcast and a two week liquidity mining campaign to spread the word.


  • This week there were 113 dApps launched on MainNet.
  • There were 6,541,382 dApp transactions completed on MainNet.
  • 31,614 dApp-related transactions took place.

Community Growth

We are delighted to see the Ontology community is continuing to grow at a rapid speed. This week we onboarded over 514 new members across our global communities.

Follow us on Twitter or Telegram to keep up with our latest developments and community updates. As always, we encourage anyone who is interested in Ontology to join us.

Global News

  • Wing Finance, Ontology’s cross chain DeFi lending platform is now live on Ethereum, providing opportunities to a much wider audience.
  • Ontology’s Chief of Technology, Ning Hu, was invited to speak at the 2021 ECUG Con. He delivered a speech on how to build a trusted, safe and efficient integrated-agreement one-stop platform for the on-chain and off-chain data, using a decentralized network.
  • We are growing our talented team at Ontology. 7 tech work positions and 10 comprehensive positions are now open. For more details, see our job openings here.

In the Media

Ontology’s Founder, Li Jun was featured in CNN this week.

“Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are like digital gold as more and more assets are becoming digitalized and tokenized,” said Li Jun, founder of Ontology, a blockchain firm. “Cryptocurrencies are going to become even more important.”

The solution to bridging the gap between requiring assets and managing uncollateralized loan risk is simple. Ideally, the credit model is robust enough to support active lending rather than purely serving as a theoretical framework.

OScore is exactly as the article mentions: repetitional. Credit on-chain can’t just be based on assets solely, it also has to be based on the person utilizing the asset.

Want more Ontology?

You can find more details on our website for all of our decentralized solutions across identity and data, or keep up with us on Twitter. Our Telegram is for discussion, whereas the Telegram Announcement is designed for news and updates if you missed Twitter!

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