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Ontology Weekly Report (December 1–7)

With the end of the year fast approaching, it is still full steam ahead at Ontology HQ where our team had another busy week. This week we hosted a joint event initiated by ONTO and AlpacaCity, where users could receive 5,000 Alpaca NFT’s by downloading ONTO. We also continued our efforts to provide our valued users with more considerate and practical services — officially launching the Inclusive Pool’s test network, and facilitating the inclusion of Binance in ONTO. Our founder, Li Jun, also gave a keynote speech in the “Polkadot decoded’’ online conference which focused mainly on DeID, DeFi, and credit score, amongst others.

- Released version v0.5.0 of ontio-std wasm contract development library

Product Development

- ONTO v3.6.4 released
- Added support for Binance Chain
- Added support for Binance Smart Chain and BSC dApps
- Optimized the cross-chain aggregated transaction feature
- Supported ETH ID generation and display
- Supported Npay Phase II project
- Added an announcement page on social media
- Optimized OScore functions
- ONTO and AlpacaCity carried out a joint promotional campaign. Users were given the opportunity to earn 5,000 Alpaca NFTs by downloading ONTO. A limited amount of 20 Generation-0 Alpaca was available only for ONTO users. Approximately 2000 people participated in the campaign.

- 104 dApps live on Ontology
- 6,224,156 dApp-related transactions since genesis block
- 8,519 dApp-related transactions in the past week

Bounty Program
- 1 new application for Technical Documentation Translation

Community Growth
- 137 new members onboarded across Ontology’s Chinese, Hindi, and Russian communities.

Newly Released
- On December 1st, ONTO wallet added support for the management, deposit, and withdrawal of a variety of digital assets on Binance Chain and Binance Smart Chain.
- On December 3rd, ONTO participated in a joint campaign carried out in partnership with AlpacaCity to earn Alpaca NFTs. This gave users the opportunity to receive 5,000 Alpaca NFTs, and there were 20 Generation-0 Alpaca NFTs specially prepared for ONTO users.
- On December 5th, the Wing Inclusive Pool launched its test network, with the main network to be officially launched this Wednesday. The Inclusive Pool will continue Wing’s “supply, borrow, and insurance” mechanisms and set up a Lend pool, Loan pool, and Security Deposit pool.

Global Events
- On December 3rd, Li Jun, was invited to attend the “Polkadot decoded’’ online conference and to deliver a keynote speech on topics such as DeID, DeFi, and credit scoring. In his speech, Li Jun focused on the applications of ONT ID, the on-chain credit score OScore, the “Welcome Home” blockchain for the automotive industry use case, and Wing, the first credit-integrated DeFi project.

- On December 3rd, Ning Hu, a senior Ontology architecture expert, was invited to participate in the first session of a series of talks held by Zhongguancun Blockchain Industry Alliance. This talk was titled “Linking the future: a dialogue between Chinese and foreign countries in Blockchain”. Ning Hu discussed digital identity and distributed identity alongside Chinese and foreign experts from China Institute of Information and Communications, World Wide Web Alliance, Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, Consensys, Distributed Identity Foundation, and Spherity.



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