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Ontology Weekly Report (June 1–8, 2021)


This week, Ontology announced exciting new partnerships with Japanese consulting company, AP.LLC, and music streaming platform, ROCKI. We also released an updated visual summary of ONTO Wallet’s dApp ecosystem.

Latest Developments

Development Progress

- Ontology’s EVM-integrated design and 30% of its development is now complete, making Ontology compatible with the Ethereum smart contract ecology.

- 80% of ETH RPC support is now complete

- 50% of Ontology’s new Ethereum account system is now complete

Product Development

- The Solana chain was added to ONTO Wallet, becoming the thirteenth blockchain supported by ONTO.

- The second-layer privacy protocol, Suterusu, is now available on ONTO Wallet, providing ONTO users with stronger privacy protection services.

- Joint events with ApeSwap, Cafeswap, and HyperJump continue. Rewards for the ONTO/HyperJump event were distributed.


- 116 dApps have been launched on MainNet; the total dApp transaction volume is 6,605,96, an increase of 4,532 from last week.

- 15,738,529 transactions have been completed on MainNet, an increase of 101,094 from last week.

Community Growth

- 239 new members were on-boarded across our global community. We are very excited to see the Ontology community continue to grow and we encourage anyone who is curious about Ontology to join us.

- Ontology launched a Spanish twitter account, operated by our Spanish community admin. The introduction of our Spanish-speaking social channel adds to our multilingual online communities, which currently includes Philippine, Persian and Japanese Twitter accounts. Follow our Spanish-speaking account here.

- Remember, we’re active on Twitter and Telegram where you can keep up with all our latest developments and community updates.

Global News

Ontology Partners With AP.LLC

- Ontology is partnering with AP.LLC, a Japanese consulting company, to provide security and privacy protection support for AP.LLC’s asset management system through decentralized digital identities, further expanding our presence in the Japanese market.

Ontology Provides DID Solutions to Music Streaming Platform, ROCKI

- Ontology is proud to partner with ROCKI, a next-generation music streaming service and music NFT platform built on Binance Smart Chain. Ontology’s decentralized identity (DID) software will enable ROCKI to prevent bad actors from impersonating artists and help buyers avoid purchasing inauthentic NFTs. Using Ontology’s blockchain-based DID solutions, ROCKI will ensure each artist’s data remains immutable, secure and authentic.

Binance Smart Chain (BSC) dApps Supported on ONTO Wallet

- Ontology released an updated version of ONTO Wallet’s Binance Smartchain dApp ecosystem landscape. As of the end of May, there are 85 dApps on ONTO Wallet including liquidity protocols, Layer 2, NFTs, and games, which each provide rich and diverse one-stop on-chain functions. This allows users to access cross-chain integrations between Binance Smart Chain and other blockchains, as well as self-sovereign identities and data.

Ontology’s DID 101

- Ontology published its “Ontology’s DID 101” mini-series on Twitter to help the community better understand the core features of Ontology i.e., DID, ONT ID, and OScore.

Clubhouse Event: “NFT Creators Identity and Reputation”

- Ontology was invited to attend a Clubhouse event entitled “NFT creators identity and reputation” to discuss how to establish the authenticity of NFTs by confirming the artists’ identities.

Ontology In The Media

Nasdaq — “OFAC Requests Chainalysis Subscription For Bitcoin Blockchain Surveillance”

Recently, as on-chain attacks against decentralized projects have intensified, the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), a regulatory agency under the U.S. Department of the Treasury, has decided to collaborate with the blockchain analysis company, Chainalysis, to crack down on-chain crime cases.

Ontology has been collaborating with Chainalysis since October of last year. We hope to enhance trust and security in the Ontology ecosystem using Chainalysis’s compliance and investigation tools, whilst respecting user privacy. Read the full article here.

Want more Ontology?

You can find more details on our website for all of our decentralized solutions across identity and data, or keep up with us on Twitter. Our Telegram is for discussion, whereas the Telegram Announcement is designed for news and updates if you missed Twitter!

Other Resources

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Ontology is a high performance, open source blockchain specializing in digital identity and data. ONTO: http://onto.app/downloadpage/TW Telegram: http://t.me/OntologyNetwork

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The Ontology Team

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