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Ontology Weekly Report (June 17–23)

It has been another successful week for Ontology. From announcing our new integration with Chainlink to interacting with industry leaders such as Binance and Coinbase, and collaborating with Bitcoin Suisse to allow ONTO to support the Crypto Franc (XCHF), it’s certainly been a week to remember. What’s more, we’re really excited to share more details on our new and improved version of ONTO v3.0.0, with lots of great new features and benefits.

- 80% of new token model code upgrade complete
- 80% of decentralized governance transition complete

Product Development
New Release: ONTO v3.0.0 Now Live
- Improved data “Claims” feature
- FBG financial products
- Now supports SAGA KYC verification and QR code scan protocol
- ERC-20 tokens now supported in The Red Packet
- ONTO user feedback integrated
- ONT ID 2.0 update now live
- Now available in Spanish
- ONT/ONG swap feature
- UI optimization feature now available

- v2.3.1 launched

- 62 dApps live on Ontology
- 5,420,825 transactions since genesis block
- 14,608 transactions in the past week

Bounty Program
- Seeking Python SDK community developers
- 1 new application for Technical Documentation Translation
- 1 new application for SDKs

Community Growth
- We welcomed 621 new members across Ontology’s Korean, Vietnamese, Bengali, Sinhala, and Tagalog communities.

Newly Released
- We have seen significant progress in Ontology’s ecosystem investments: DAD (+183%), MovieBloc (+69%), VID (+1163%), and bloXroute (STO complete). We expect Ontology’s ecosystem to continue growing exponentially in the global market in 2020.
- Ontology announced native integration with Chainlink, opening up use cases in data management. The move brings Chainlink oracle support to Ontology, increasing scalability, decentralization, and collaboration.
- Ontology announced integration with Rosetta, a Coinbase-led open-source project, with knowledge of underlying protocols, interoperability, and wallet development that will contribute to the growth of this exciting project.

Global Events
- Ontology will host its 2-year anniversary AMA, where Jun LI, Founder of Ontology, will answer questions from the Ontology Global Community on Ontology 2.0 and our future plans.
- This week, the Ontology Telegram group had a great discussion surrounding the Everything About Futures AMA. Andy JI, Co-Founder of Ontology, and Justin Cheng, Director of Binance Derivatives, answered questions about the ONT contract product in order to help users to better understand functionalities such as the purchasing and redeeming of assets. Meanwhile, Andy JI also explained Ontology’s long-standing relationship with Binance and how they have been working together to further expand the global blockchain ecosystem.



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