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Ontology Weekly Report (March 10–16)

Thanks to the hard efforts from the Ontology tech and product teams, we have many new updates from the past week, like the newly added features to the Ontology Explorer and the new guidelines for ONTO.

Regarding our community, we see continuous rapid growth in the Ontology Vietnamese community, as well as our Tagalog, Arabic, and Turkish communities. Meanwhile, we announced some new Ontology Harbingers to help build our global community presence.

In Europe, Ontology was invited to Binance’s online panel about “Economic Impact on Crypto Markets from Coronavirus”.

Find more news in the past week below and please take care during these times!

Find the text version below:


- Completed 60% of the DHT protocol development

- Completed 70% of the code optimizations for the network layer

Product Development

  • ONTO v2.6.0 Optimization

- ONTO management backstage upgrade

- On-chain Task campaign has kicked off

- The first Non-fungible Token (NFT) campaign will launch soon

  • Explorer

- Tool Bar: Newly added function of displaying useful data, ONT/ONG transaction volume, token rank, network info, etc.

- Address Details: Newly added statistics and analysis of transaction numbers and assets

- OEP-4 Details: Newly added statistics and analysis of new transaction numbers, ONT/ONG transaction sums, and unique addresses

- Contract Details: Newly added statistics and analysis of transactions and ONT/ONG transaction amounts

- UI optimization: Newly updated to provide a better user experience


- 47 Triones nodes: 11 Consensus nodes, 36 Candidate nodes

- The total stake size is 122,588,753 ONT, which is 18.716% of the total ONT circulating supply


- 62 total live Ontology dApps

- 5,263,859 total transactions, representing an increase of 22,798 transactions

Bounty Program

- 2 new applications for Technical Documentation Translation

Community Growth

- The Ontology Vietnamese community is continuously growing rapidly, with a remarkable increase of 3,235 new members (58% increase) within one week

- The number of Tagalog, Arabic and Turkish community members is also growing rapidly

Newly Released

- Published new guidelines around P2P Claim in ONTO

- Announced some of the new Ontology Harbingers

- Ontology’s partner bloXroute has been working on a C++ message convertor for Ontology consensus messages and has upgraded BDN to v1.6 with multiple new features and updates. Ontology and bloXroute will jointly continue working on the C++ message convertor.

Global Events

- Ontology was invited to the online panel by the Binance Spanish community. The panel was focused on the “Economic Impact on Crypto Markets from Coronavirus”. This is Ontology’s second interaction with the Binance Spanish community after the joint Barcelona meetup.

- Recently, Ontology attracted much attention from potential European partners. The community members have shown great interest in ONTO, experiencing the new version through our Red Packet campaigns.



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