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Ontology Weekly Report (March 17–23)

In times of crisis and radical uncertainty, we have been paying close attention to global news and actively trying to fight the global pandemic together with our ecosystem partners and offer any help we can provide to those in need.

In terms of last week’s progress of Ontology, we have kicked off the Ontology’s NFT campaigns after the release of ONTO v2.7.0. Ontology Europe and Americas Ecosystem Lead team has been interacting with and sharing insights to the European and US blockchain communities. We are pleased to see the increasing attention of Ontology across the world.

Find the news below:


- Completed 90% of the DHT (Decentralized Hash Table) protocol development

- Completed 90% of the code optimizations for the network layer

Product Development

  • ONTO v2.7.0 Release

- Support NFT market

- Support Ethereum dApp

- Support ONT ID scan, allowing one-click login and claim

  • Explorer

- Completed 50% of the Explorer v2.3.0 functional development

- ont.io v2.3.1 is now live, with a fully optimized multi-language page

- onto.app v2.1.0 is now live, newly added the statistics function


- A total of 62 live Ontology dApps

- 5,282,195 total transactions, with an increase of 18,336 transactions

Bounty Program

- 1 new application for Technical Documentation Translation

Community Growth

- The Ontology Vietnamese community continues to grow rapidly, with a remarkable increase of 1,660 new members within one week, reach a total of 10,467 members in total by March 23

- An increase has also been seen in the size of Arabic, Turkish, Hindi, Trading and other communities

-Ontology Bengali Community is now created and run by the community

Newly Released

- Newsletter of Ontology 2.0 has been sent to all subscribed users

- Announced the first 5 members of the #OntologyHarbinger team

- Published the ONTO NFT guideline and launched Ontology Genesis Medal Design Competition and #MyFirstNFTonONTO campaign

- Jointly launched the #CRPTOCOVID19 charity activity with The Giving Block, The Block, Save the Children, No Kid Hungry, SOS Children and Team Rubicon and other industry friends

- Delivered the first batch of masks to our global ecosystem partners and industry friends

Global Events

  • Erick Pinos, Ontology’s Americas Ecosystem Development Lead, was invited to speak at the Wanchain and FinNexus online summit. He shared how Ontology is making good use of global resources via the “Global Community Contributor” program to develop its ecosystem. Ontology has already received applications from communities in Asia, South America, and Europe and the first GCC node will be announced soon.
  • John Izaguirre, Ontology’s European BD Director, was interviewed by CryptoBirds via Podcast. In the podcast, John introduced the Ontology 2020 Roadmap, Ontology 2.0 tech development, and other exciting updates of Ontology. Apart from actively promoting the establishment and development of the European blockchain compliance standards, Ontology has been interacting more with the global communities.



Ontology is a high performance, open source blockchain specializing in digital identity and data. ONTO: http://onto.app/downloadpage/TW Telegram: http://t.me/OntologyNetwork

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