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Ontology Weekly Report (March 3–9)

We have a lot of updates from the first week of March.

We have witnessed remarkable growth in the Ontology Vietnamese community. The number of community members has increased by 73% in the past few days!

Ontology core team members were interviewed by Cointelegraph and Blockescence. Recaps and links can be found on our Twitter and Medium.

Meanwhile, we were invited to the Crypto Assets Conference in Europe and felt honored to deliver a speech as well as communicate with representatives from large European enterprises.

Full news of the past week below!

You can also find the text version here:


- Wasm-JIT has been available on the Ontology TestNet

- Completed 30% of the DHT protocol

- Completed 30% of the code optimizations on the network layer

Product Development

  • ONTO v2.6.0

- Newly added NFT asset display and transfer functions

- Added support for P2P claim issuance

- Some UI optimizations

  • Explorer

- Completed the development of Explorer v2.2.0; will go live on Ontology MainNet soon

- A new version of the Ontology official website (ont.io) is now available. Added the GCC entrance banner


- 47 Triones nodes: 11 Consensus nodes, 36 Candidate nodes

- The total stake size is 122,410,753 ONT, which is 18.689% of the total ONT circulating supply


- 62 total live Ontology dApps

- 5,241,097 total transactions, representing an increase of 34,722 transactions

Bounty Program

- 1 new application for Technical Documentation Translation

Community Growth

- The Ontology Vietnamese community is growing fast, with a remarkable increase of 2,737 people within one week

- The number of Turkish, Arabic and Tagalog community members is also growing rapidly.

Newly Released

- US-based investors/businesses can soon participate in global identity trust exchanges thanks to the collaboration of Ontology, Accomplice, and KingdomTrust, which will support joint custody solutions and enhance US and US-Asia blockchain development.

- On-chain Task guidance has been published, explaining how this dapp can help users track progress on the goals they set.

- Andy JI, Co-Founder of Ontology, was interviewed by Blockescence on staking, global university workshops, what makes ONT ID special, overtaking EOS, and so much more. Andy believes that young developers are one of the most powerful groups for blockchain industries, as they will contribute more to society’s trust of blockchain in the future

- Erick Pinos, Ontology Americas Ecosystem Lead, was interviewed by Cointelegraph Magazine. He demonstrated that Ontology was the most interesting of all the projects he researched, with its focus on decentralized identity solutions built into the protocol. He now envisions Ontology’s blockchain identity solution to be used for a broad variety of applications from university campus records management to medical records and supply chain management

- Ontology’s Senior Architecture Expert Ning HU shared our latest research on exploring how blockchain could contribute to controlling the spread of Coronavirus on the EEA AI & Blockchain SIG Conference Call

Global Events

- In support of the Vid App release, the Ontology x Vid AMA was put on for the Ontology global community. Hundreds of users have participated in the event and raised over 100 questions. Ontology always pays attention to our ecosystem partners and makes an effort to bring on more real-world business applications

  • Ontology was invited to the Crypto Assets Conference in Frankfurt. While there, Gloria Wu, Ontology’s Chief of Global Ecosystem Partnerships, delivered a speech called “Learnings from Failed dApps and Thoughts on Viable Models for A Blockchain Empowered Data Economy ” and had discussions with representatives from the European Parliament, PWC, Siemens, and other institutions about the exploration of blockchain’s contribution to the finance industry



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